28 Dec 2012

one month

When we had Little Pilot we didn't have a proper camera until he was closer to a year old.  Although we have a lot of pictures of him as a newborn, the quality is not that great.  So this time around with Co-pilot  I  had my dad's old DSLR and just recently was given his newer Nikon D7000 which inspired me to start shooting in manual mode.  I can really see a big difference with the pictures (like the pictures from this year's Christmas posts found here, here and here).

Anyway, when Co-pilot was born I wanted to make sure I tried to do a little photo shoot every month to see how he changes.  The first zero month photos (you can see them here) and his one month photos(shown below) were taken on auto with the old Nikon D200.  The pictures are not terrible, but definitely not quite as sharp and vibrant as with the new camera in manual.  So, in short, I'm having a lot of fun lately learning how to use my new camera and hopefully will be able to capture some better images of my boys.

Before I digress any further, let's take a look at my beautiful baby boy (I'm allowed to be a proud mamma, n'est pas?) :).  Isn't it great that a camera is a new thing for a newborn because they'll look right into the lens for you (unlike a busy little 2 year-old over here at Nalle's House) :).

For the monthly photos, I am trying to take one of Co-pilot showing all of him and photoshopping the month on his shirt.  I know it has been done all over the place, but I think it is fun to see how he changes.  I put him on a Marimekko unikko baby blanket that was given to me by my sister as a shower gift when I was expecting Little Pilot.  

I also wanted to try and include another photo that I might later use in his baby book that would highlight some of his developmental milestones.  Here's my first go at it:

I have Co-pilot's 2 month photos already taken and waiting to be edited (it's crazy how time flies!).  So I hope to be back soon to share those.

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