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30 Nov 2012

zero and two

Last year for Little Pilot's one year photo we took photos on our front step with a number 1 pumpkin.  We decided to do it again this year.  Little Pilot and Co-pilot's birthdays are only 4 days apart and so Co-pilot had to have a photo as well.  We got two pumpkins one small and the other baby sized :).  The baby pumpkin was actually a sugar/pie pumpkin. 

Here is Co-Pilot's zero pumpkin:

The numbers for the pumpkins were drawn with a marker.  I printed off large scale numbers in a font I liked and traced over them with a sharp pencil in order to get an outline.  I then filled it in with the marker.

Here are a few pictures of Co-pilot.  I thought I would go in numerical order :) (zero goes first.  He smiled for me here.  It was probably one of those involuntary smiles as he was just around a couple weeks old.  

He also stuck his tongue out at me (probably right before he peed allover the blanket and table :) ).

Now for Little Pilot...
He had the number two pumpkin.  I really can't believe that he's two already.  I took pictures of the pumpkin after Little Pilot had his photo shoot and the pumpkin lost its stem (scroll down and you'll see all the fun he had with it :) ).

Here he is very proud of his pumpkin.  I found I got better photos when I let him hold onto the pumpkin.  Don't be fooled though, he only sat like this for a half second.  The rest of the time he was running all over the front yard.

I love his smiley eyes. Sometimes they squint so much I'm not sure he sees anything when he smiles.

He gave the pumpkin a kiss...

The next three photos show you what happened right before the pumpkin fell off the step and lost its stem.

 Lastly, here are the two pumpkins side by side for a size comparison.  Next year I'll try and get both boys together with their pumpkins.

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