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11 Dec 2012

Advent Tree

Little Pilot is really learning to anticipate Christmas this year.  He's very excited about the presents and that his doggie cousins are coming.  He's also beginning to learn about the real meaning of Christmas and singing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus is now included in his daily solo.  Little Pilot loves to sing Happy Birthday to all family members and friends.  His song tends to go something like, "Happy Birthday mommy, daddy, nalle, etc. etc." (he lists everyone he can remember) :)  

So to help Little Pilot countdown to Christmas, we started doing an advent calendar with him.  It's a tree with little hat, mitt and stocking decorations that have the advent numbers embroidered on them.  It's actually a decoration I picked up several years ago on Boxing Day.  It's perfect for our 2 year-old in that it is not too fragile.  It sits on the coffee table amongst his wooden train set and all his cars and planes.  It has survived several rambunctious little boy swipes off the table too. :)  You can see below that Little Pilot added his Fisher Price fire engine decoration to the tree (he hung it all by himself).

The numbered decorations are kept in the basket of the tree.  Little Pilot has to find the number of the day and hang it on the tree.  So how do we get our 2 year-old, who doesn't yet recognize numbers, to do this?  We play find the treat hidden in the stocking/hat/mitt!  

Here is Little Pilot searching the basket for decorations.  He takes this task very seriously! :)

He feels the pieces to find out whether there might be something inside.  This too is hard work according to Little Pilot, "kova homma!" (tough job).

 I love his expression when he showed us his find (a little chocolate egg)!  We've just put little treats inside the decorations this year, but I think it would also be fun to put some small toys inside them.

So that is our simple advent calendar this year.  It would also be pretty easy to make one of these for yourself using a small tree and little numbered bags for decorations or if you're extra crafty you could knit little hats, stockings, etc. or make them from felt.

I hope you're all having as much fun as Little Pilot with your countdown to Christmas!

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  1. yay for your advent tree, little pilot!

    lucy has also had fun with her first advent calendar... so far the book 'room for a little one' has been her favourite gift!


  2. I don't expect that this tree would still be available but could you tell where you found it? I do love it.

    1. I think we purchased it from a Hallmark store several years ago. I haven't seen it recently, but maybe you could find one on ebay?


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