12 Sep 2014

All About Nalle and Giveaway Winner!

Today, I'm guest posting over at Cuckoo4Design all about Nalle.  Head on over to learn some more about our fur baby.  You can read the post here.  Thanks Julia for having me over at your blog today!
I also am announcing the Artek giveaway winner below.

Now for the winner of the Artek Meadow Flower tray:

Little Pilot helped me make the draw for the winner.  He chose number 6: Julia Fain!  Congratulations Julia!  Email me with your info so I can get the tray out to you!

Have a great weekend everyone!

10 Sep 2014

DIY Bean Bag Pouf

Today I'm sharing something I made that was a huge hit with my boys.  They played with this diy bean bag pouf for hours.  I used some more Marimekko PVC-coated fabric that I received from FinnStyle to make my pouf.  Using this type of fabric made it a perfect for inside or outside.  We've been having fun using it out on our new deck and in the house as well.  I filled the pouf loosely with bean bag beads so that the boys could use it as a little bean bag chair as well.  I love the super fun pattern Pikkuj├Ątski "little ice cream" from Marimekko.  I also decided to leave the serger stitching visible on the seems for some interest.  If you don't have a serger, you can still make the pouf with exposed seems by using a zigzag stitch on the exposed edge.  I think this pouf will make a great addition to the boys play space (if our basement ever gets finished!).  You can find the tutorial below.  It was really a very simple sewing project.  Warning: this post contains a lot of pics of my kiddos (I couldn't resist!).

DIY Bean Bag Pouf How To:

1.  Cut six equal sized strips of fabric (mine measured 39" long by 14" wide - I tried to make each panel wide enough to accommodate the ice cream pattern on the fabric).  The overall size of my pouf is 24" wide by 13"tall when filled.
2.  Use pencil or dressmaker's chalk to mark the lines on your fabric pieces for sewing.  Make a mark at the centre of each short end of your fabric strip.  Mark 12" down each side from either end of the fabric (i.e., four marks).  Now draw a line from the centre points to either side to the 12" mark (see the picture above).  You will use these lines as your guides when sewing.  You could trim the excess fabric at this point if you wanted to (i.e., the outside corners above the sewing lines).  I left mine on as my serger would do the trimming for me.
3.  This step is not necessary, but I basted all my pieces together before running them through the serger again.  In picture three, you can see the sewing pattern.  You want to sew all the pieces together to form a six-sided bag.  Place two pieces wrong sides together and follow the stitching line (picture 2), then take another strip and sew it to the other side of strip sewn above and repeat sewing all the pieces together until you get to your last seam.
4.  In the last seam leave a 4" opening from which you will fill the bean bag.  If you haven't already, serge all the seems (leaving the opening) trimming the excess fabric at the top corners.  If you end up having a small opening at the top where your seams didn't perfectly line up, you can hand stitch it closed.
5.  Fill your pouf with bean bag filler (styrofoam beads) and then sew/serge the opening closed.

*I received this fun Marimekko fabric from FinnStyle to use in my home.

5 Sep 2014

Some Things: Apple

It's time for another somethings post!  In honour of back to school, I've gathered some apple inspired diy/crafts, art, recipe, etc.  

TO SET:  An absolutely beautiful yet simple table setting with fresh apples and spray-painted, crumpled soda cans holding green stems.

TO FRAME:  This apple print has a modern look with the black on white

FOR YOU:  Kate Spade's New York apple pattern is super cute.  It seems to be sold out online, but I saw a ton of stuff at the outlet last week including: clothes, bags, wallets, iPhone cases and tablet cases. I'm now regretting not picking up something (clearly I'm still thinking about them a week later).

TO WRAP:  A simple way to wrap a gift for a teacher or fall event using a Chinese-style take-out container.

TO CUDDLE:  I have admired these apple pillows for sometime.  The shop that sells them is on holidays, but is scheduled to reopen in September.  I think making one of these would be fairly simple from an old sweater.

TO BAKE:  Apple Cardamom Cake -  this is one of our favourite apple cakes.  It's really moist and it has cardamom spice that us Finns like so much. :)

I'm still adjusting to having my oldest in school.  He, on the other hand, has done so well.  I can't believe that, just a a few short months ago, he refused to even go to Sunday school without me.  On his first day he just marched on into the school without looking back.  Now I find that both his little brother and myself don't really know what to do while big brother's in school.  Little brother has actually been really missing him and this I had not anticipated.  I guess he has never been without his brother for that long.  As we're taking time to adjust to our new routine, I'm excited to let you know that our kitchen cabinet doors and countertops are being worked on again.  Let's hope that there are no more delays.  My birthday is in about two weeks and I think it would be the best birthday gift ever to have this kitchen done!

1 Sep 2014

September Printable Calendar

 Happy Labour Day!  I hope you are enjoying the last holiday of the summer.  School starts for us tomorrow and I've been crying all weekend.  I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow after we drop off Little Pilot for his first day!

Today's also the first day of September and time for a new calendar.  I tried taking photos of the calendar in my workspace.  The trees outside are so full of leaves right now that we really don't get a lot of direct light in this space during the day.  I tried taking these photos with the afternoon light and they came out quite warm and shadowy.  Hopefully you can still get a sense of what my workspace is looking like for fall.  It's mostly black, white and grey with a few touches of pastels in the photos, the Eames chair and even the sharpies in the pencil cup.  The calendar for this month is my take on a tribal/teepee pattern.  I'm beginning to realize the boys' joint birthday is coming up fast and I need to start planning their teepee party.  You can find the links to the printable calendars below.  There's a Finnish and English version again (*please remember these calendars are for personal use only).

*you can find the plywood calendar DIY here


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