1 Sep 2014

September Printable Calendar

 Happy Labour Day!  I hope you are enjoying the last holiday of the summer.  School starts for us tomorrow and I've been crying all weekend.  I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow after we drop off Little Pilot for his first day!

Today's also the first day of September and time for a new calendar.  I tried taking photos of the calendar in my workspace.  The trees outside are so full of leaves right now that we really don't get a lot of direct light in this space during the day.  I tried taking these photos with the afternoon light and they came out quite warm and shadowy.  Hopefully you can still get a sense of what my workspace is looking like for fall.  It's mostly black, white and grey with a few touches of pastels in the photos, the Eames chair and even the sharpies in the pencil cup.  The calendar for this month is my take on a tribal/teepee pattern.  I'm beginning to realize the boys' joint birthday is coming up fast and I need to start planning their teepee party.  You can find the links to the printable calendars below.  There's a Finnish and English version again (*please remember these calendars are for personal use only).

*you can find the plywood calendar DIY here


29 Aug 2014

Outdoor Dining with Artek and a Giveaway!

I have another outdoor post for you today and a giveaway as well!  A little while ago I decided to have a simple dinner out on our new deck with our little family and Mummu and Pappa.  I made a very typical summer meal for us, but took some time to set the table, get some flowers and bake a few cupcakes.  The boys (including Hubby and Nalle) were all really excited about it too.  It was a really nice way to enjoy one of these last evenings of summer.  
The napkins, trays and lovely tote pictured below were all sent to me from Artek.  They are part of their new Meadow Flower pattern.  I think this pattern worked really well with the cut flowers from the garden and the linen table cloth that my mom wove herself.  It is really, really lovely.  She included "H"s in her design which was the initial of her maiden name.  To go with the blue and white colour scheme of the Artek trays and napkins, I decided to bake some vanilla cupcakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting.  There were also a few gold touches on the table with a gold planter, iittala nappula candle holder and the DIY napkins rings I made from some of the brass wire I had leftover from my Himmeli planter.  I also added a small hydrangea to each napkin ring.  The tote was used to hold some more cut flowers from the garden.  Dinner included some thyme marinated chicken, roasted peppers and white and purple fingerling potatoes.  Overall, it was a very lovely evening and well worth the little extra effort to make it memorable.
*scroll down for your chance to win an Artek Meadow Flower tray!

Lucky for you.  I am going to giveaway one meadow flower circular tray*!
To enter please follow @nalleshouse and @artekamericas  on Instagram.  Then repost this photo with the hashtag #artekmeadow.  Contest ends Sunday, September 7th.

You can also enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.  This contest is open internationally.

*this tray was given to me by Artek for use in my home, but I decided that I would love to give a tray away to one of my lovely readers as a thank you for your readership. 

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26 Aug 2014

DIY Outdoor Art

My Little Pilot is starting school (JK) next week at the ripe old age of 3!  Ah, it seems so young and I'm in complete denial.  I'm also in denial that fall is almost here.  That's why I'm still decorating our patio and sharing the diy outdoor art I created for it.  A few weeks ago I was offered some Marimekko fabric samples by FinnStyle.  My love for Marimekko runs so deep that I simply could not refuse!  I have a few projects up my sleeve for the fabrics and can't wait to show them to you.  Today's project is a 5 minute project that is perfect for a boring white brick outdoor wall like the one on the back of our house.  I literally whipped this project together after dinner one evening and still had time to take a few photos.  For this project I used one of my favourite Marimekko patterns:  Siirtolapuutarha (in oil cloth for durability).

DIY Marimekko Outdoor Art:
  • oil cloth or other outdoor fabric
  • two dowels the width of your fabric
  • twine/string a nylon based one will work best for the outdoors
  • two eye hooks

How To:
1.  If needed, cut your dowels to the width of your fabric and use the dowel as a guide to measure the size of a pocket you will need to sew to contain the dowel.
2.  Fold over the fabric at the top and bottom end so that the resulting pockets will fit your dowels.  Sew a straight seem across (for both the top and bottom) backstitching as you start and finish your sewing. 
3.  Twist in an eye hook onto either end of one of the dowels.
4.  Insert a dowel into either end of the stitched pockets you created in step 2.  The dowel with the eye hooks will go in the end that you would like to be the top.
5.  Tie a doubled piece of string/twine to the eye hooks (I looped a single piece of string through one end and tied it off at the opposite end
6.  Hang your diy outdoor art.  I simply looped mine around the light fixture, but you could also drill a screw into your wall if needed.

P.S. Our deck is pretty much finished, but there are a lot of little things that still need to be done.  I don't think I will have a 100% done and perfectly decorated deck reveal for this year, but I will definitely let you see the progress in an upcoming post.

Also, in case you were wondering about the reflection in the back door's window…
It's our new outdoor dining area barely cleaned up after dinner (rice allover the table and deck from our not so neat toddler).

*thanks to FinnStyle for providing the beautiful fabric for this project.

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22 Aug 2014

Some Things: Teepee

Something that I'm hoping my boys will continue to do more of is play together.  At this stage when they are 3 years and 1 year I find that there are certain types of activities that suit both of them and thus are more conducive to playing together.  One of the boys' favourite activities to do together is to play in their tent.  Having their own little space seems to be a big hit for both of them.  The boys' birthday is coming up in a couple of months and I've been thinking of doing a tent/teepee type theme.  It's something I know they both like and I think it goes well for a fall/Thanksgiving birthday.  This week's some things is all about teepees.  I'm sharing some of the things that I've found inspiring while pondering this party theme.

TO FRAME:  This "I love my family" teepee print is so sweet and I think I may finally go ahead and order this for our home.

TO PITCH:  There are a lot of DIY teepee tutorials out there.  This teepee is for purchase, but I included it here as I really like that they used the print inside the tent as well.

TO PAINT:  I came across this DIY chalkboard activity table.  I love that your child can use chalk to decorate each of the shapes including a teepee, of course!

TO WEAR:  Teepee leggings - these are just too cute!  I only wish they would come in one size larger for my super tall toddler.

TO CRAFT:  These paper teepees are free printables add a couple of feathers to the top or some mini dowels (or even chopsticks) and your teepees are set.

TO ADDRESS:  I also came across some teepee address labels that seem really fun for a young family.

I also love these new products from the  from the Ferm Living Fall, 2014 collection:   teepee pillow and  wallpaper too!

Happy weekend!

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