30 Jun 2015

July Printable Calendar

We made it to Cape Cod and are having a really lovely time.  We're about half way through our vacation already and you can see some pics from our trip on Instagram.  Today, I'm popping in to share a printable calendar for July.  It features my boys' favourite summer treats: popsicles and ice cream.  To download the calendar click on the picture below.  *this printable calendar is for personal use only.*

I hope you enjoy this month's calendar and, perhaps, some popsicles and ice cream in July as well. :)

19 Jun 2015

Dining Room Updates

Oh dear, have we ever had an eventful week!  The boys were rough housing at grandma's and the littlest ended up with what, after two days in the emergency, turned out to be a fractured elbow (the initial diagnosis was a pulled elbow).  The poor little guy was in a lot of pain and now is in a cast.  We also had a photoshoot of our home for a Finnish magazine which was pretty exciting and a little nerve wracking especially following the two days we spent at the hospital.  We were also supposed to go on vacation this week, but have to put it on hold until our little one sees the orthopaedic surgeon next week and hopefully, gets the okay to go.  Since our house was pretty tidy for the photoshoot, I thought it would be a good time to share a few dining room updates with you today.
One of the biggest updates are these Lucy chairs from BendGoods.  I like how they mimic the white metal of the tulip table base.  I do have to make some chair pads for them at some point since the boys often sit on their knees when at the table.  The metal wire seat can be pretty hard on their little feet.

 I've also added a couple of cacti in a thrift store bowl that I really like.

 You may have noticed that I've added just a little colour for summer in the form of a new art print.

 The connection between the dining room, kitchen and the deck (via the walkout we added last year) are what makes our small space flow and work really well.  Now that summer is pretty well here, these are the spaces we are using the most.  It's amazing how much our living space expands in the summer with our deck.  I really should take some more photos of it so you can see how it has all come together.

table:  tulip table by Eero Saarinen for Knoll (special edition with oak top) - purchased secondhand
upholstered chairs:  executive chairs by Eero Saarinen for Knoll (fabric is Dristi Sky) - also purchased secondhand
metal chairs:  Lucy side chairs from BendGoods (FYI these chairs are often on sale for around 40% off)
dining room light fixture:  Artek
island light fixture:  Gubi Semi Pendant small
curtains: DIY from Marimekko "Vatruska" fabric and Ikea sheers
hanging planter:   DIY
black and white art:  DIY
water colour art:  Kelli Hall for Minted via Indigo 
candle holder:  DIY
planter: thrifted
sideboard:  DIY

11 Jun 2015

DIY Modern Pink Planter

I just love June!  The weather is the nicest and the flowers are so beautiful.  It's really my favourite month.  We've been enjoying June so far and, today, I wanted to share a few new additions to our outdoor space(s) and a really basic DIY (if you can even call it that!)
One of my favourite new additions is this acapulco chair from Innit Designs.  They are a local Toronto company too.  This chair is super comfy and has a great modern look to it.  It's a pseudo father's day gift for the hubby since this spot by our back doors is his favourite place to sit.  The  pink planter is my "DIY".  My DIY basically was to spray paint a bullet-style planter pink since I couldn't find a pink one anywhere I looked.  Not much of a DIY, but I am super happy with it. :)

The planter I painted is one that I found at a local nursery.  I actually bought three of them since I liked their clean simple shape.  You can see above that I left the other two unpainted (at least for now).  I'm patiently waiting for my plants to fill in over the summer.  In case you might be wondering these are the plants I put in them: 

Large planter:   Cana Lilly (Bengal Tiger) - will have bright orange flowers
                      Creeping Jenny

Small Planter:  Fern

 For anyone interested in the details on the planters all I could find on the label was Braun (perhaps this company?) and "Portofino Collection".  I'm wondering whether these may be planters from last season since I couldn't find them online?  The spray paint I used was ballet slipper by Krylon.

So what do you think?  These planters and chair are just what this mommy Hubby needs to enjoy this beautiful month.

31 May 2015

June Printable Calendar

I'm just getting this calendar out just in time for the first of June!  The pattern Features some sweet strawberries.  One of my favourite things in June.  June really is one of the loveliest months of the year.  I hope you like it!  Download it here (for personal use only).http://www.mediafire.com/view/m9a1fkd17n4llgx/June_2015_Calendar.pdf
I also just want to quickly update you on why there has not been much posting happening on the blog as of late.  We have been going like crazy on our renovation projects and there has been literally no time to take photos or sit down at a computer for any length of time.  I'm hoping as things slow down a little I'll get a chance to post some of the progress that has been made. The major work on our basement is slowly wrapping up and the design/decorating work can soon begin!  It will be such a relief to have the never ending basement renovation done with.  The rest of the house has been a bit of a storage space as of late and I can't wait to get everything in order upstairs as well.  I'm hoping that you'll stick around (besides my absence lately)  to see all that we've accomplished.

Have a lovely week!  I hope to be back here soon.

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