5 Mar 2015

DIY Painted Dipped Frame and an Update on the Kids' Room

My youngest decided it was time to redecorate the room he shares with his older brother by starting to climb out of his crib.  I was really hoping to have him sleep in his crib just a little longer, but he wouldn't have any of that. Sigh!  We've moved him into the toddler bed and have had quite the interesting past couple weeks trying to get him to sleep in there.  Our once super good sleeper is not so easy to put to bed anymore!  
While trying to decide whether to buy another toddler bed (my oldest still fits in one no problem and it would fit in their tiny room really well) versus a twin bed, I came up with a new furniture arrangement  for the room.  I decided to move their beds and Ikea wardrobes to opposite walls.  This created a little more individual room for each boy and actually has opened up their room quite nicely.  I'm going to show you little brother's side of the room today since I still haven't decided on the bed for the other side and I just happened to add some new art (an animal alphabet print) to this side of the room too. :)  I'll also show you my inexpensive solution for framing this not so standard sized 11" x 13" print.
I've had this print since the boys' birthday last fall and have been trying to find a frame to fit the 11" x 13" size.  Most of the frames in the store were sized for 11" x 14".  I really didn't want to go the custom framing route so I ended up picking up a frame at the thrift store and cut the existing mat to size and gave it a paint dipped look.  We did end up having a little mishap when hanging the picture with hubby.  He dropped his tape measure on the glass and cracked it.  So for now the print doesn't have glass on it, but I'm planning to pick up a piece of plexiglass to cut to size.  I think the plexi will be safer with the little one anyway. 

The new arrangement is working out well.  I find there's a lot more room for the boys to play.  They also seem to really like having their own side to the room.  I haven't completely decided on the rest of the art above the bed (hence the washi tape) and am sure it will change up once I have the bed for the other side of the room and hang some art over there too.  The vintage sconce has been in the boys' room for quite sometime now and I really like having it highlight the new print.  I've been taking the light down while he's sleeping in the bed since I tend to worry about the cord.  I'll have to figure out a way to put the cord out of reach so that I'm not always having to take the light down. 
*disclaimer:  Please use wise judgement when placing items with cords/strings in a small child's room as they can pose a strangulation hazard.  Make sure to secure cords to the wall and or out of reach.*
The paint dipped picture frame was a simple project:
You will need a frame (with mat if desired), paint, painters tape and a paintbrush.
1.  I found a framed print at the thrift store.
2.  Cut the mat opening slightly smaller than your print.  I cut mine to 10.5" x 12.5" for my 11" x 13" print.
3.  Tape off your frame at the mid point of each side and paint one half of the frame a contrasting colour.
4. Add your art and enjoy your custom framed piece.

A new layout for the boys' room, a new art print and a small DIY.  I'm really liking the look of the room so far, but I'm not going to lie. I'm in complete denial that my baby is not a baby anymore and actually using that toddler bed. Sniff, sniff!

3 Mar 2015

Makers No. 55

Welcome to the Makers!  I can't wait to see what you've all been up to.  Thanks so much for joining us each week.

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Would you take a look at this amazing and very chic Black, White, and Gold Office Reveal by Petite Modern Life?! We are dying over every single detail--especially how the gold pops against that dramatic wall!

Karisa at Petite Modern Life is a gal after our own hearts, a Maker through and through! We love her cohesive style and approachable DIY tutorials. Here are a few of our favorites (be careful, you will get sucked into her archives!). 

Be sure to follow Petite Modern Life to get the skinny on more fabulous DIY projects!

Featured at The Makers No. 55!
You fabulous Makers totally bowl us over with your talent every single week! Here are some of our favorites:

These Mocha Cupcakes by Living Better Together look absolutely dreamy.

Cannot get over the whimsical, modern styling of this DIY Teepee by Place of My Taste. Plus those yarn poufs? Perfection!

Our jaws hit the floor when we saw these Rustic Industrial Kid Chairs by My Love 2 Create. Can you believe she made these out of things she found?!

We love how the blue cabinets pop against the calm gray walls in this Guest Bathroom Makeover Reveal by Hey Let's Make Stuff.

This Stamped Tribal Clutch by Delineate Your Dwelling could not get any better!

We want to cozy up with a few bowls of this hearty New England Clam Chowder by Wine & Glue.

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27 Feb 2015

March 2015 Printable Calendar

Happy last day of the work week!  Things are going really well with our renovations here and I know I owe you all a progress post.  The hard part right now is that everything is still so rough.  I don't have a lot of motivation to take photos of not so pretty spaces.  We have a bit of a delay with my mom's countertops.  The templater couldn't get out as quickly as we had hoped and it looks like we'll be waiting another couple of weeks for the counters and I won't be able to tile the backsplash until after that.

Today's post is to share with you the March printable calendar.  I went for a little mint green and pale coral pink in the design.  I hope you like it!

To download the calendar click on the link below.  The calendar is for personal use only.
Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you like this month's calendar.  Feel free to tag me on Instagram @nalleshouse if you decide to use this in your home.  

The DIY calendar holder and previous downloads can be found here.
You can find more free printables here.

24 Feb 2015

Makers No. 54

Welcome to another week of the Makers!  It's so great to have you here. :)  It's been another busy week full of renovations over at my mom's house.  Her kitchen is coming along well and I can't wait to share some progress pics with you.  This week's party includes some really great features and I can't wait to see what y'all have been up to!

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