29 Apr 2015

May Printable Calendar

The blog has been a little quiet as of late, but we have been busy!  The renovations are still going on which has made it hard to have time to do anything else.  Most of the drywall is up in the basement and should be ready for tape and mud by the end of the week.  We're also trying to finish off some of the little things that didn't get done in our kitchen like trim pieces and patching the floor.  I know the kitchen should be 100% complete by now, but there always seems to be a few little things we don't get around to doing.  We also have our new couch and I need to take photos of it to share with you here (you can see a couple photos here and here).  The back deck is getting prepped for the summer with some stain/oil and cleaning of the patio furniture.  It's supposed to warm up here for the remainder of the week and I'm excited to enjoy our outdoor space.

Even though I don't have much of a renovation update to share with you, I do have the Lullaby Paints giveaway winner to announce and the printable calendar for May to share! 

First, the winner of the Lullaby $200 gift card is comment #23 from Diane (Vintage Nest).  Congratulations!  

Second, you can find this month's calendar below.  Can't believe it's May already at the end of this week!  I hope you like this month's design.

Click on the image below to download the calendar.  *for personal use only*
 Have a great day!  I hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather wherever you are!

17 Apr 2015

Looking for a New Sofa

I haven't had the best luck with my sofa purchases.  The sofa we have in our living room now was a custom piece that got completely botched.  It was made too short, too high and the back cushions were the wrong shape.  I probably should have returned the sofa to the manufacturer in the very beginning.  We ended up keeping the sofa since we weren't able to get our deposit back (which thankfully wasn't very much) and I didn't trust the manufacturer to make another sofa.  So in the end we decided to live with the sofa and in the meantime look for another.  It's been a few years now and I finally have a new sofa being delivered today!  Botched sofa designs can be quite traumatic! ;)  

For those of you who have read the blog for some time, you may remember that our sofa originally had a wooden frame along the bottom:

This is what the sofa looks like now without the wood frame.  Sorry for the instagram photo of our messy living room!  I had hubby cut small blocks from leftover cedar post material for the legs and it has helped with the height quite a bit.

My original plan was for the living room sofa to be much longer.  I think it is about 20 inches shorter than what I ordered.  I'm now looking for a sofa that is over 100".  It's pretty hard to find unless you go for a sectional.  Hubby is all for the sectional so he can put his feet up, by the way.  One thing that I noticed about sectionals is that I prefer one that has the chaise option rather than a full return.  I also find that I prefer a sectional that is longer than 110" so that the sofa part (sans chaise) has enough room to breathe and to accommodate a coffee table.   I've gathered up some of the sofas that have caught my eye.  I think I'm leaning toward the more minimal and leggy options like #1, but a dream sofa could very well be Muuto's rest sofa (#2) below.  Hubby is not as much of a fan of the pink option though!  

The sofa's above range quite a bit in price: 1, 3, 5(love the black metal legs on this one) are in a medium range and 2, 4, 6 are a little pricier.  I think they're all really lovely and all have a different interpretation of Scandinavian and Modern Styles.  Which is your favourite?  I'll share the one we got soon.  You may even get a peek at it on Instagram.

15 Apr 2015

A Shared Workspace & Giveaway!

Today, I'm sharing my workspace and how I was able to incorporate spots for my kids to work and play in this space right alongside me.  I've also teamed up with Lullaby Paints to giveaway a $200 gift certificate for their fabulous paint (showcased in my new workspace).  You can find all the details at the bottom of the post.

I'm feeling really fortunate to have a dedicated workspace.  Our home is pretty small (approx.  1300 square feet) and using a whole room for a workspace seems like a total luxury.  We only have two small bedrooms in addition to this office/den space.  When we first purchased our house we thought that a bedroom had been converted into an office.  However, after we moved in, our neighbours told us that the family who built this home only had one child and that my workspace had always been an office/den.  That might explain why there is no closet in this room!  This room is straight off of our entrance and visible from our living room across the entry hall  This made it really important for it to be presentable since it is so visible from the entry and living room.  The room does have french doors that can be closed to hide the mess if needed. ;)

When putting together my workspace I created distinct functions along each of the three walls available (one wall is 90% window so I worked with the remaining three or rather 2 + 1/2 since the third wall has the french doors).  It made sense to group my overload of pictures according to each wall.

Let's start with the focal wall that you see when you enter the room and is visible from the living room.  I decided to make this wall the work zone and set up a double desk using Ikea components.  I also painted the wall the perfect soft grey colour.  It's really a great shade:  not too blue and not too beige.  The white on the remainder of the walls is a lovely bright white and has already been added to my list of favourite whites.
I've kept the focal wall pretty clutter free.  A simple shelf, my DIY calendar and a quote that I printed.  I really find myself wanting to have a more minimal and clean look to our home.  It's really impossible with all the toys and paper airplanes strewn about everywhere, but I can try, right?!

The area to the right is my work area, but to the left I've made space for my older son to work on his homework, colouring, etc.  For now I have just my DIY mint stool there, but I really should get something with support for his feet.
Oh Nils Strinning, I just love your shelves!  A full-size shelf system is definitely on the want list for our living room someday.

The next wall/area of the room is the 1/2 wall beside the french doors.  I created a little reading nook for the boys in this space using a trolley to hold books and their DIY teepee from last year's birthday party.
Can you spot Nalle in the picture above? He's always, indifferently, a part of the action. :)

The last wall/area is adjacent to focal wall and I dedicated this space to storage.  It's also the area that I am hoping to add a little something something to in the future.

The storage units are also from Ikea and I used them to support one end of the desk.  I have hopes to customize the doors, top and legs someday so, for the time being, I cheated a little and used a couple of the shelves (that come with the units) to bring the height up a bit.  You could also add a cleat to the wall to support the desk top, but I'm hoping to raise the height of the legs and/or add a top to make up the difference.  Also, I thought a picture of the boys in front of their teepee was appropriate for this space. :)

One last view of the space from the living room.  I think the colours go quite well with our entry.

Now to talk a little more about the paint in this space and the giveaway! You may remember that I have used Lullaby Paints for our kitchen chalkboard before.  I was so happy with the quality that I didn't even hesitate when they contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying their wall paint.  Our family really tries to be conscience of the toxins that we introduce into our homes and we generally use zero-VOC paint whenever we can.  Our kids are still very young and I'd like to keep their exposure to harmful chemicals as minimal as possible.  Lullaby Paints are all zero-VOC and safe for babies and pregnant women which is a super plus in my books.  The hubby helped me with painting this room and we were both really impressed at the quality of the paint, the coverage and that there was no odour.  It's really a wonderful product! Here is what Lullaby Paints had to say about their paint:  

Lullaby is the world’s leading paint for babies’ nurseries & healthy homes. Our premium quality formula is totally non-toxic, zero-VOC, baby-safe, pregnant mom-safe, asthma-safe – the safest paint around! And because our paints are not diluted with cheap, toxic solvents, they’re thicker and coat your walls with ease (covering 1.5 times as much area compared to conventional paints). For over twenty five years, our award-winning paints have been praised by people seeking the finest quality and safety

I'm excited to be able to offer some of this fabulous paint to one lucky reader.  Here's how you can enter to win a $200 Lullaby Paints gift card:

REQUIRED: Let us know in the comments below what room or project you would tackle if you won the paint
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    One random winner will be selected on 21/04/2015.
    Good luck!!!

    A post with all the sources for my workspace will be up soon!

    8 Apr 2015

    DIY Mid-Century Modern Ball Clock

    Today I'm participating in a fun DIY challenge.  A really lovely bunch of bloggers and I have challenged ourselves to come up with something to dress up our walls using craft wood from Michaels.  I decided to use my favourite craft wood: beads to makeover an old clock I had and I'm super happy with the result!
    The makeover was super simple and only required some paint and wooden beads.  I'm really happy with my clock's new modern and clean look.  It's inspired by the George Nelson ball clocks from Vitra that I have always liked. I decided to go with my favourite black, white and wood colour combination and I can see it fitting in anywhere in our house.  It's hanging in my new workspace (which I am still working on finishing!), but it may end up in the kitchen since we don't have a wall clock in there at the moment.  Below you can see what the clock looked like before and you may remember it from our first kitchen renovation.
    The original clock was not bad to start with, but I never really loved it.  I had accidentally broken one of the numbers off it when cleaning and I had always planned on painting the hands since the silver on chrome made it super hard to read from a distance.  Another thing that bothered me about the clock was that the arms were far from the numbers.  You'll see what I did to remedy that in the How To below. I also don't know what I was thinking, but I completely forgot to take pictures of the process of my makeover.  It was really quite straightforward so I'm going to describe it below and share the one process picture I did take. ;)

    DIY Mid Century Modern Ball Clock:

    • starburst clock (I purchased mine from HomeSense/HomeGoods and see them there often)
    • spray paint and craft paint
    • masking tape
    • twelve 1.5" wooden balls (purchased from Michaels)
    • drill/drill press
    • grinder or metal saw (optional)
    How To:
    1.  Remove the numbers from your clock (if it has numbers like mine did)
    2.  Tape off the spokes/metal rods of the clock with masking tape/painters tape and spray paint the face of the clock and arms.
    2.  Once the spray paint is completely dry, paint the arms of the clock in a contrasting colour using a brush and craft paint.  You can also remove the masking tape from the spokes at this point.
    3.  Drill holes into the centre of each ball going 3/4" deep with a bit that is the same width as one of the spokes/metal rods on the clock.  You will want to drill as straight as possible into the bead so that it sits evenly once inserted onto the metal rod.
    4.  This step is optional:  Since I wanted my wooden beads to sit closer to the arms of the clock (and look more like the George Nelson ball clock, I decided to cut down the metal rods so that once the wooden beads were in place they would sit just above the minute hand.  I marked off the length I wanted on each of the rods and my husband used his grinder to cut them (see picture below).  You could also use a hacksaw.  **Please always use safety glasses when cutting metal.  Metal chips easily fly up and watch your fingers!**

    5.  Place the drilled beads on the end of each spoke.  If you have drilled the holes small enough you won't need anything to hold them in place, but if your holes end up being a little too large then use some adhesive suitable for metal to hold the beads in place.

    Here's a little sneak peek of what's been going on in my workspace.  A lovely new grey wall and some much needed storage.  I'm hoping to share more of this space next week!

    Don't forget to go and check out all the other projects that are a part of this craft wood challenge.   You can find all the links below:

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