3 May 2016

Little Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Plan

It's time for Dollhouse Therapy month 2!  I was so excited to see everyone's dollhouses coming together last week.  Cassie, Emy, Alice and I are all sharing our plans for the second month of our dollhouse projects.  I'm planning to tackle the bathroom this month and possibly a surprise second room if I can.  I'm also hoping to finish the exterior work so that I can share with you my favourite part of the Little Modern Farmhouse which is the pink front door!  

Let's talk about the bathroom.  It's on the second floor next to the stair hall/workspace.  The rest of the rooms have some random pieces in them right now.  The boys even hung a bunch of mirrors allover the place!

My 5 year-old and I have already finished the tiling the floor.  I was inspired by cement tiles (like these) and painted little squares of craft wood in black, grey and glued them down in a gingham pattern.  I think it suits the modern farmhouse perfectly.  The monochrome colour palette is a nod towards modern and the gingham is definitely farmhouse.

I have a tub and toilet that I am using from this set.  The finishes on these pieces are not great so I'm likely going to have to sand them down and give them an update.  A floor mounted tub faucet would also be fun to add.  I will be making the vanity and attempting to make a shower.  Hopefully it won't be too challenging!
Another detail I love about this side of the house is that I was able to keep the little side access door that was part of the original dollhouse before I cut it back and converted it to a front-opening house.  Maybe a nice light fixture would be lovely over that tub.  What do you think?  

I'm excited to start another room in this house and I think this may be the cutest modern farmhouse bath yet!

Don't forget to check out Cassie, Emy and Alice's plans for this month too!

1 May 2016

May 2016 Calendar

Happy May Day!  I hope your weekend has been lovely.  I'm popping in with your printable calendar.  

To download the calendar click on the image below.  *for personal use only*
The graphic for this month's calendar was found here.
I hope you like the calendar!  I'll be back later this week to share my plans for the next room in my Little Modern Farmhouse.  Stay tuned!

26 Apr 2016

Little Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

I'm so excited to share with you my Little Modern Farmhouse kitchen and to see what everyone else has been up to with their dollhouses (you'll find the Dollhouse Therapy Challenge linky at the bottom of this post).  It does feel a little weird to write a full out blog (including a ton of photos) on a dollhouse kitchen, but I really think it turned out too cute.   It would also be a massive understatement to say that I spent a lot of time on this project, but, hopefully, the end result justifies the craziness of it. ;)  There are a lot of teeny tiny diys in this post and I'll share as many of the sources and printables as I can at the end of this post.

Here's a first glimpse into the kitchen from what will be the living room.  For the kitchen I decided to include all the things I thought a pastel-loving, Scandinavian design enthusiast would love in their North American farmhouse.  You might already spot the mint green fridge of my dreams. ;) 

Luckily for the squirrel family that will be living in this modern farmhouse, there was an unlimited budget when it came to materials.  The calacatta marble countertops were one of their biggest splurges. To make the countertops I simply printed an image of calacatta marble that I resized in photoshop and used Modge Podge to glue it onto basswood that I cut to size. I painted the stools grey so that they would bring out the grey in the marble and so that they wouldn't blend into the wood cabinets.  The hex tile was another pattern I created and printed onto photo paper.  It smudged a little so next time I may have to try some other paper or laser printer.  You can find the links to both my marble countertop and backsplash paper in the sources at the bottom of this post.
The cutting boards you see in this photo were all cut out of balsa or basswood.  I cut a couple of house shapes and tried to mimic a Ferm Living cutting board like I have in my own kitchen.  It's missing the little hole at the top since Hubby decided to lend out his drills.  I'll have to add it later.  The pink mixer was chrome before it was sprayed pink.  It just needs a little Kitchenaid symbol on the head and it would pass as a replica. :)

These stairs are one of my favourite mishaps in this space.  I started by attaching the plain stairs that came with the original dollhouse kit and covered the opening underneath with some basswood.  I then changed my mind and added another layer of basswood shiplap on top to get that farmhouse look, of course!  Adding the two layers of wood left some not so attractive layers of exposed wood showing right beside the staircase.  I ended up solving the problem by adding balsa wood  stair treads and making custom spindles just wide enough to cover the unfinished edges of my shiplap layers.  I bought a piece of railing from the dollhouse store and painted it all black for a more modern look.  Phew!  Just trying to write all that down is a lot of work.

The shiplap wall also needed some great statement art and Mrs. Squirrel had a custom piece commissioned by yours truly. ;)  I simply painted onto a scrap piece of basswood and then framed it with more wood.

The other side of the kitchen features the sink and fridge.  The Home Sweet Home picture is vintage.  The fridge also is vintage and I ended up painting it mint green to look a little like a Smeg.  I left the original scuffs in tact which, I think, gives it a lot of charm.  I'm also on the look out for the perfect sized silver pen clip to make a more retro looking handle.  The mugs were a little diy project.  I wasn't sure whether they turned out (they're very imperfect), but when my mom came to look at the dollhouse she asked where I got the Marimekko mugs from.   If my mom thinks they look like miniature Marimekko mugs then they must, right?  Also, I have a great tip for anyone wanting little branches of greens, leaves, flowers, etc. for dollhouse projects.  Go to your local Michaels floral department and ask for any of the leaves, flowers, etc. that they cut off and/or discarded when making their arrangements.  I was able to get a bunch of leaves and flowers for free!

What's a farmhouse without a farmhouse sink?! I made this sink out of balsa and basswood and spray painted it gloss white.  I had to modify the cabinet to fit the sink and hopefully, I remembered to take photos of that to share a tutorial with you later.  The faucet and handles were bent out of brass tubing (a thinner version of the tubing I used for my himmeli planter).  You can usually find brass tubing in the model train section of the hobby store.

The knobs on all the cabinet doors were the ones that came with cabinet kits.  I just sprayed them black to go with the colour scheme.

Lastly, here's a little bit of a wider angle where you can see that I carried my pastels to the front door as well.  The front porch will be getting a little makeover soon!


cabinets:  diy kits* modified (read more in this post)
appliances:  vintage
stools*: painted grey
accessories:  mixer, bowls, glass jars, mugs* (pattern painted with sharpie paint marker), everything else vintage or already owned
hex backsplash:  download here
marble countertop:  download here -this is a large file

*some of the product was received in collaboration with miniatures.com, all thoughts and opinions are my own

Don't forget to check out the room reveals from my co-hosts:

Emy from Semigloss Desig
Alice from Thoughts from Alice

Now I'd love to see what you are up to!  Link up your blog below or use #dollhousetherapy on Instagram.  Can't wait to see everyone's dollhouses!

5 Apr 2016

Little Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Plans

Today is the official start of the Dollhouse Therapy challenge that I'm hosting with my friends: Cassie from Primitive and Proper, Alice from Thoughts from Alice and Emy from Semigloss Design.  Have you decided to join us?  This month we are all trying to tackle one-two rooms in our dollhouses and we will be revealing the end result on the last Tuesday of this month.  There will be a link party for you to share your rooms too or you can join in on Instagram using the hashtag #DollhouseTherapy.

This month I've decided to tackle the kitchen, but before I get into my design ideas and progress so far. I thought I'd share a little peak inside my dollhouse.

Taking my old dollhouse completely apart and changing it to a front-opening house was A LOT more work than I could have ever imagined.  I'm still finishing off a few things on the inside like baseboards, painting doors and installing the staircase.  I was able to finish the window trims, painting and installing the floors since the last update I shared.  The floors are white-washed wide planks that I cut out of balsa wood.  I actually tried staining them a light wood colour that I didn't end up liking and I had to sand them all down before white-washing.  It was another "Aaaah! what did I get myself into?!" moment.  

The boys have been excited to help me out with the dollhouse.  I wasn't really expecting them to be too interested, but they seem to be happy to help me build.  My oldest loved laying the tile in the bathroom (you can see a little glimpse of the gingham patterned floors we made in the second photo above).  Little brother is really waiting on the staircase to be installed.  It's the most important part I'm told.  I better get working on that!

So let's talk about the kitchen aka the room I'm tackling this month for the Dollhouse Therapy challenge.
Mr. & Mrs. Squirrel have been really busy building kitchen cabinets and figuring out a layout. ;)

  The kitchen is going to have a modern farmhouse style to go with its farmhouse exterior.  The cabinets  I chose are individual kits that I customized to look like flat panel drawers and shaker-style doors (I'm sharing the how to below).  The range and fridge are vintage pieces that I already owned.  I think I'm liking the layout that the squirrel family has come up with so far.  I'm debating as to whether I will add an island with a sink or not.  The staircase will be to against the left wall of the room and I'll have to see how much space there is left for the island.  As for colour, I think I'm going to leave the cabinets natural wood and paint out the appliances.  I also think a classic marble countertop would be lovely along with a lovely tile backsplash. Oh, the possibilities are endless in a dollhouse kitchen! ;)  I have lots to do before the reveal at the end of this month!

Customized Dollhouse Cabinets:

Here is a picture of what the cabinets I purchased are supposed to look like once assembled.  They  had  raised panel style doors that really weren't what I was looking for for my little modern farmhouse.  What I did like about these cabinets was that they came in various widths to mimic standard cabinet sizes (e.g., 3" = 36", 1.5" =18", etc.) and I had the option of getting cabinets with drawers or doors.  It was kind of like planning a real kitchen.  I took a bit of a gamble when ordering the cabinets hoping that since they were DIY kits that I would be able to make them into flat panels using the backsides.  Once I received the kits and started looking at how to assemble them there was a little more work needed to see my vision through.  I thought that I'd share what I did below in case anyone else is as crazy as I am to modify dollhouse cabinets!

Modifying the doors:
I wasn't able to make the doors into flat panels since there was additional moulding around the door that had to be glued on.  However, when I put this moulding on the flat side of the door I was able to get a shaker style door which still worked for my modern farmhouse look.  The one thing that I wasn't anticipating having to do was to sand off pretty much all of the raised portion of the doors.  I had to do this because the panel was preventing the doors from closing flush to the cabinets.  

The picture above shows the drawers before and after sanding.  Again, in order for the drawer to slide all the way into the cabinets I had to sand off the raised panels.  I then slid the drawers in backwards so that the back became the front and I ended up with some lovely simple flat panel drawer fronts.

I'm really excited about how this little kitchen is coming together already and I can't wait to see what you are all up to with your dollhouses too!  Feel free to comment below or find me on Instagram so that I can follow along with your dollhouse renovations!  Also, if you are participating we'd love for you to join our Facebook group.


Cabinets:  kindly supplied by Miniatures.com
Black Vent Hood:  The Little Dollhouse Company
Appliances: Vintage

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