16 Dec 2014

Makers No. 47

      Welcome to the last Makers party of 2014.  We'll be picking up the party again after the holidays on January 13th.  I'm thrilled to see what you've been up to!

9 Dec 2014

The Makers No. 46

   Welcome to the Makers Link Party!  I love seeing what you are up to each week.  Thanks for stopping by!

8 Dec 2014

Modern Kids Christmas Craft

This past weekend just flew by, but I did manage to make a little craft with my two little ones.  We made little Christmas tree wall flags.  I really love how these turned out.  I had the boys paint rows of dots using their finger tips to make a tree.  I think the fact that they used their "fingerprints" makes them all the more special as I now have a keepsake that will remind me of how little they were. <3  This craft was really easy to pull together and was completed with items I had around the house.  I also love how making their little art into a wall flag really turns it into a modern Christmas decor item.  I decided to hang the tree made by my older son above his bed and the one made by my youngest is above my desk. 
My four year-old was able to do this craft by himself after a little explanation.  The two year-old also did really well after I helped him get started.  Unfortunately, we're dealing with a little sibling rivalry lately, and older brother decided to add a few dots (the bigger ones in the photo) around little brother's  tree.  I still love it and I think you can still see how well even a two year-old can complete this craft.  I love seeing where he got off track a little too.  Below you'll find the directions for this craft.

Kids Modern Christmas Tree Wall Flag:

1.  Gather your materials:
  • cardstock (I cut a standard 8 1/2"x 11" piece into the shape of a wall flag.  The base of the triangular bottom portion starts at 6" from the top)
  • craft paint (I used acrylic for the black tree and regular washable kids craft paint for the green tree)
  • washi tape for the trunk
  • wooden stars, star stickers, etc. (You could also just paint/draw a star on top)
  • Craft glue and/or hot glue(+ glue gun)
  • paint stir stick (You may have one of these around your house or you can get these for free at the Home improvement store)
  • Utility knife
  • twine/string
2.  With a pencil draw horizontal lines across the card stock.  I spaced my lines 2 cm apart.  The width of the lines starting from the bottom up are:  11cm, 9 cm, 7 cm, 5 cm, 3 cm and 1 cm.

3.  a) Have your child dip their index finger in paint and make dots along each line.  You may have to help smaller children get the hang of it.  (I had mine practice putting dots on a line on a scrap piece of paper first)
b)  Make a trunk and put a star on top.  I used washi tape for the trunk and had my boys glue on wooden stars.

4.  Cut you paint stir stick to the width of the wall flag.

5.  Glue the wall flag to paint stir stick and then glue some string or twine to either end of the the paint stir stick. (I did this part myself as I decided to use hot glue to speed up the process a little.  Young children should not be allowed near a hot glue gun as serious injury could occur)

6.  Hang your child's artwork where both of you can enjoy it!

This was a really fun project to complete with my kids.  I hope you give it a try with yours.  You can also find another kids Christmas tree craft here.

5 Dec 2014

Toddler Christmas Wishlist

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?  I still have quite a few to cross off my list.  I've been trying to find some special gifts for the boys and I decided I would share some of my favourites with you.   There are guide a few handmade gifts ideas in here and I think there are at least a few that I (or you!) could DIY.
1.  Kid Made Modern crayon gems:  These were only $1.49 at our local Target.  I'm planning to put them in my boys' stockings.

2.  Knit super hero doll.  This is just too  cute.

3.  YAY banner.  

4.  Wooden camera.  I didn't end up getting one of these for my boys last year and it's top on my list this year.

5.  Mushroom lamp.  My oldest still has to have a nightlight.  I love the Scandi style of this one and it comes in a few different colours.  Here it's shown in gold, but I think I would still go for the traditional red.

6. Toy cash register:  My boys' have a vintage Fisher Price register, but if I was going to buy them one this one is a really cute option.

7.  Striped Pyjamas: This style of Hatley pyjamas is our favourite.

8.  Wooden hockey stick:  This stick has a knit sock and felt ball which is perfect for indoor play.

9.  Modern Peg Dolls:  I'm planning to remodel a log cabin doll house and I like that these wooden dolls are modern and customizable.

10.  Owl Pillow:  Aare Kids has the cutest clothes and this owl pillow.  I know my boys would love the owl shape.

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