1 Oct 2015

October Calendar

I really can't believe October is here already!  I hope you liked seeing my fall home tour yesterday.  If you missed it you can check it out here.  Right now I'm in full party planning mode as the boys' birthday party is this weekend.  They wanted a paper airplane party and our home is a sea of airplanes right now.  I did want to pop in today to share the calendar for October.  I used a combination of these papers in mint, gold and grey colours for fall.  I hope you can see the nod to feathers and falling leaves in the graphics as well. :)

As always this calendar is for personal use only and you can download by clicking on the image below.

I'm off to fold some more paper airplanes!  I'm looking forward to sharing the details of the party with you soon.  I'll try and post a pic or two on instagram if you're interested in a sneak peek.

30 Sep 2015

Fall Home Tour

I'm so happy to be participating in the Canadian Bloggers Fall Home Tour today!  If you're visiting here for the first time, Welcome!  

My fall decor, along with my decorating style in general, tends to be quite minimal and decidedly, Scandinavian in feel.  I've added some subtle fall touches and, although my house is always a work in progress, I'm really happy with how it has come together this season.  Let's start this tour in the living room!
The pumpkin on the coffee table and the vintage canning jars on the mantle are probably the strongest nods to fall in this space.  The jars have actually been up on that mantle after I haphazardly put them there when I brought them home from a yard sale this summer.  I wasn't sure about keeping them there, but now that it is fall I think they work.
Some of you may remember that I have had my living room floor bare for quite some time.  I've always had a hard time deciding on rugs, but I found this neutral wool one that feels just right for the cooler weather that is just around the corner (yikes!).  I think this layer along with some knit pillows and throw really cozy the space up.  The rose pink pillow is a knitting project I started last winter (I think!) and I asked my mom to help me figure out how to attach it onto an existing pillow cover.  Apparently, my knitting wasn't good enough for her standards and she unravelled my whole square and redid it.  It looks lovely now and along with another mint knit pillow I can bring my love of pastels into fall as well!

Okay, so this is a little sneak peek at a DIY wall hanging that I made especially for fall.  I have yet to to post the tutorial here.  To be honest, I'm not sure what y'all think of it.  It's supposed to be a modern/abstract take on feathers or a bird's wing, but maybe I'm the only one that "sees" it. ;)  It combines all my faves: natural wood, white, pastel and wool felt.  I guess you could say it's fall, Nalle's House style.

My craigslist Bertoia diamond chair is ready for fall with it's furry thow.  The DIY number art propped up on the floor also works as fall decor since it reflects a combination of important dates for our family that are all in the fall.

Our kitchen is one of my favourite spaces in our home.  I simply added a few pumpkins, gourds and seasonal fruit to trays and shelves.  I tried to surprise the boys by using their wooden animals on the shelf, but they weren't that impressed with it.  Apparently, I should have included airplanes.  Who knew!?  The pastel colours continue in here as well with a few hits of pink and mint green.

Hubby and I just finished the tile work in our mini mudroom (you can see it here), but I think I am most excited about that perfect pink colour I added to the little nook!  Nalle, on the other hand, could care less.
Our dining room got a couple of new "art" pieces for fall.  The first is a large scale wall hanging.  I'll be sharing the tutorial on that soon.  The second is simply a pinecone image that I superimposed on a blush pink background in photoshop.  I quite like the blue and blush combination in this space.

A couple of pumpkins and another DIY wall flag are the fall decor in our front entry.  The stem on that little pumpkin is great, isn't it?!  My littlest picked that one out at the farm market.

Our front door/step is simply decorated with some mums and pumpkins.  I tried to paint some craft store gourds in pink spray paint to use in the house, but the paint totally disintegrated the pumpkins and these were the only ones that made it!  I also attempted to get a cute picture of the boys to end the tour, but  the picture above is the best I got. LOL!  I still love it!

I hope you've enjoyed taking a look inside our home and I am now off to decorate our home again.  This time it's for the boys' paper airplane birthday this weekend!

Now head on over and check out all the other tours happening this week!

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17 Sep 2015

A Pink Mudroom & New Floor

I know what you might be thinking after reading the title of this post.  What?!!  Another mudroom post?!!  Yes, I went and gave our mudroom another little update. You probably think I am totally nuts to be updating this space yet again, but it all started with some leftover stone 12" x12" stone tile in the garage.  With the messy parts of our basement renovation finished (YAY!!!), it was finally time to tackle the floor by our back door (the most direct route to the basement from outside).  The floor in the mini mudroom before was dingy ripped up linoleum.  I tried to hide it with a rug for the most part, but if you looked closely it was pretty bad.  I ended up going with a herringbone design for the new tiles and am really happy with how it turned out.  After the floors were finished I felt the space needed some colour and I was thrilled when Hubby didn't object to pink!  
The colour is called Pink Ground and it is so pretty.  Definitely not a bubblegum pink, but a perfect, muted, blush colour.  
Here's a look at the tile work Hubby and I did.  We cut the 12" x 12" tiles in half to create the rectangular pieces.  I chose to go with a lighter grout to emphasize the herringbone pattern.  This was definitely a more time consuming way to lay tile because of all the extra cuts, but since the space is so small it was definitely doable.  There was a little bit of a concern that we didn't have enough tile to complete the job, but we ended up having just, barely enough.  I think we had a quarter of a tile left as waste!

Technically this space isn't totally finished.  I still haven't touched up the trim that has been scuffed up numerous times when bringing building materials down to the basement, but I am really enjoying the new tile floor and pink wall.  I bought a whole gallon of this beautiful paint so now I'm looking for another wall or two to paint pink!

31 Aug 2015

September Calendar

Can it be that the summer is nearly over and September begins tomorrow!?  I'm so not ready for the cool weather yet and for back to school next week.  Summers always feel much too short, don't they?  I  do have a September calendar to share with you today.

Click on the picture below to download the calendar (*for personal use only please*).
 I hope you like the calendar and are enjoying your last week of summer vacation or the beginning to the school year if school has already started where you are!

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