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1 Sept 2016

September Printable Calendar

It's September and back to school time.  My oldest is starting Grade 1 next week.  He's still just 5 years-old and it's mandatory for him to attend school full-time here in Canada.  I kept him part-time for the past couple of years (for Junior and Senior Kindergarten) although most families send their children full-time.  We're going to have a bit of an adjustment period this month I'm sure!  I personally didn't start school until I was 7 years-old which was when we moved to Canada from Finland.  I had previously attended child care in Finland, but did not go to a formal school so I tend to feel for my little boys that get these expectations piled on them at an early age.  I tend to wonder what the long term implications of all this pressure might be and whether I'm the only one concerned?  Anyway, back to the topic of this post!

Here is your printable calendar for September.  The nights are starting to get a little longer, but still warm enough to spend some time outdoors and gaze at the stars (if your lucky enough to live far enough from the city lights! ).  

To download this calendar (*for personal use only) click on the image below.

I hope you have a great start to the new school year!

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  1. You're not the only one concerned, although I understand the feeling. I live in the US and I am going to be homeschooling my daughter (she's only 3 right now), for several reasons but that is certainly one of them. I know someone from Finland and I've been wanting to ask her all kinds of questions about their school system there, since it seems superior to our system here.


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