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20 Dec 2012

Santa Cries 2

We took Little Pilot and Co-pilot to see Santa.  We were able to skip the line up by registering online ahead of time which was well worth it when you have a 2 year-old and 2 month-old in tow.  We tried prepping Little Pilot for his Santa visit this year by talking about Santa, watching him during previous visits to the local mall and letting him know that Santa would give him a candy cane (a big selling factor for our little guy :) ).  He was very excited initially, but we couldn't avoid a few tears when he actually went over to Santa

Here are a few photos of Little Pilot and co-pilot as we waited in line.

Little Pilot watched Santa very closely :).

I love this one where he is peaking around the post.

Co-pilot was happy watching all the lights while Dadddy held him.

Little Pilot's tears came once he actually had to sit beside Santa.  It was pretty close to his expression in last year's Santa photo (you can see it here).  He was able to settle a little once Daddy sat with him and we got this sad-faced photo.  It's too bad they don't let you take your own photos as well. 

Little Pilot recovered quickly once he got his Santa ball and candy cane - the most important part :).

Hopefully Santa will be a little less scary next year!

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