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16 Dec 2012

Little Pilot, the Christmas Tree Builder

This is the last of my Christmas posts for this year, I promise... well I still have to post Co-pilot's 2 month photos that are a little Christmassy since it was in December and then I will be done :).  My apologies if you are completely over Christmas by now!  

As you can probably guess from the above photo this post is about our Christmas tree.  We went to the same place as last year to get our tree (you can read about that here).  The photo below is the only decent one I got during the outing as I had Co-pilot in the baby carrier and wasn't able to take many photos.  I like all the texture in the wood and hay (might make a nice black & white photo).  

Co-pilot slept like a baby during the whole trip :).  Don't mind the weird crop, but you can see the Co-pilot was in his baby carrier.  We really haven't had to use the baby carrier much with Co-pilot.  He seems to prefer his stroller or crib. 

Most of the fun pictures I got were once we came home.  Little Pilot got out his tools to help his daddy prep the tree.  He sawed...

He also drilled (in the first photo above) and tightened the screws on the tree stand...

...and when he was all done he took a look at his accomplishments.

Co-pilot slept through the above, but was awake for the actual tree trimming which he viewed from his trusty bouncy chair.

Below are some highlights from the decorating.  I seem to be really into these collages lately :).
If you'd like to see more of our Christmas decor and the entire tree checkout our Christmas house tour.

Here's one last picture....  Little Pilot was sniffing the gingerbread ornaments to see if they smelled good - "Haisee hyvalle!"

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas tree adventure!  

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