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20 Dec 2011

O Christmas tree

We decided to start a new Nalle's House family tradition this year.  We went to a genuine Christmas tree farm to get our tree.  We always get a real Christmas tree, but not always from a farm so this was something new for all of us.  We figured Little Pilot was old enough this year to enjoy going to the farm. 

Here is Little Pilot with his daddy checking out the place.  It was a really cute farm with the little red shed and it had snowed just enough to look Christmasy.  I really like this pic.  It was an impromptu attempt a portrait from the back.  I think it turned out pretty well. 

When we first got to the farm we were offered a tractor ride even though we decided that we would just get a pre-cut tree.  I think we'll definitely cut our own in years to come as Little Pilot gets older.  We didn't get very good pictures of the ride because Little Pilot was just a little scared. 

This picture is after the ride was over.  I was trying to put him down to sit on his own, but he wouldn't have any of it!  He was equally petrified as fascinated throughout the ride(so much so that he just quietly clung to his mommy for dear life!).  I didn't mind.  I got some extra cuddles. :)

The farm thought of some nice family fun details like a fire with marshmallows to roast and some hot chocolate and hot apple cider.  We had one of each.  Let me clarify, we didn't pig out on the freebies.  Tech guy had one apple cider and I had one hot chocolate.

Here's a picture of Little Pilot at the farm while his daddy was picking out our tree with the very helpful tree farm guy.  I think he was pointing to a dog.

When we were all done we loaded up our tree (a Balsam Fir) and Little Pilot into our station wagon.  I think Little Pilot liked his new seat mate. :)
Next year we will have to get a roof rack so that Nalle can come too!

Little Pilot had a lot of fun helping his daddy set up the tree at our house.  He investigated every part.  I think he might be ready to do it all by himself next year!  Maybe he'll still need daddy's help just a little. :)

I think the most fun Little Pilot had was with the needles that were scattered from our front door to the living room.  He is really into cleaning lately.  He loves vacuuming, sweeping, wiping, etc.  Here he is with his best "I'm too little to be doing chores" face.

He also loved messing up the neatly swept up piles of needles just as much as cleaning them.

Now for our taste-tester:

Aw YUCK!  Those aren't Mommy's cookies!

And then, this happened:
No, he didn't pass out.  This is something else that Little Pilot is experimenting with lately:  laying down on the floor (maybe he's getting a new angle on life?).  The bright sunshine got him this time.

Here's our tree decorated, sort of:

I say, sort of, because the bottom part of the tree is without decorations.  We have gingerbread hearts hung from red ribbons for ornaments and Little Pilot loves to take them off and nibble a bit.  I think there are a 1/2 dozen hearts with bites out of them. :)  So most of the cookies are hung out of his reach.  He has actually gotten so used to us moving the ornaments out of his reach that if he finds one at his level he gives it to me and says, "up" (wanting me to hang it higher).  We also added more of that turquoise ribbon to the tree to tie in the rest of our decorating.  

That was our Christmas tree adventure and our baby safe decorations.  I hope you liked it!

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