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2 Jan 2012

my favourite socks

Warning: the following post contains my legs.  Please don't laugh too hard and proceed at your own risk. :)

Now that you have decided to proceed (since you are still reading this) and stifled your laughter just a little, let's get on with this post.

I have a favourite pair of socks.  They are over the knee and nice and wooly warm.  Mummu made them for me a few years ago before boot socks were popular.  I just hated having cold legs when wearing dresses/skirts/leggings and these socks were the perfect solution.  
The socks are knit from a pattern from the book Handknit Holidays.  It the same book that had the pattern for our Christmas stockings (you can see those here).

I really like the eyelet pattern up the back and the cabled heal.  I think those details make these socks special.
They are knit from Patons Kroy Sock yarn, but the pattern called for a merino and linen blend yarn.  I think the details may have shown even better with a yarn with a little linen in it.  Maybe I'll hunt down some of that wool for the next pair. :)  I really do love them that much!

Just a little aside:  Little Pilot is really into climbing these days and he wanted to climb just like mommy.  I think he's holding on for dear life.  Those 3 inches off the ground are really high.  "Don't let go, Little Pilot!"

Here are the socks with some boots.  These are my favourite boots at the moment.  They are the Paige Tall Riding Boots (in the Saddle colour) by Frye.  They were ordered from here.
Here's another close up of the eyelet detail.  I also like how they look with the cut out in the back of these boots.

So those are my favourite socks and another one of Mummu's beautiful hand knits.

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1 comment:

  1. okay, so knitting is one of my favourite things to do, but I'm not even paying attention to the socks because of the BOOTS! They're AMAZING!


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