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31 Dec 2011

Christmas decor for New Years?

Yep, I'm writing a post about our Christmas decorations on New Year's Eve.  I figure that they're still up so why not, right?  Maybe, hopefully, I'll get it all together next year and blog about it earlier.  I'm not sure that's possible, the getting it together part, I mean.  I don't think I'll ever get it all together, but that's what makes life more interesting. :)

You may remember our turquoise Christmas exterior from this post.  Our decorating with turquoise continued inside as well, but we added in the more traditional red.  

Well, here is a pic of our mantle and tree which you may have seen snippets of already of here, here and here.  

This wreath was originally made from cedar branches, but they dried out before Christmas and I had to redo it using some branches that were left over from the Christmas tree.  The mercury glass ornaments were picked up from a yard sale last summer.

These were our stockings.  Mummu knit them from a pattern from Handknit Holidays.  There's a tree skirt pattern as well that I would like to knit or have knit for me (hint, hint) one year. :)  I put these letter ornaments (scored from Superstore) on the stockings with our initials, but, unfortunately, they didn't have the 'n' for Nalle.  I am going to try and hunt one down somehow or have to come up with some DIY version for next year.

For the dining room, I already showed the table in yesterday's post so I thought I'd just show our hanging pinecones.

Here is another picture and a glimpse of our kitchen window that got one lonely pinecone.  I had an extra one and had to use it somewhere. :)

Lastly, I'll show our entertainment built-in area of the living room.  I finally cleaned off those shelves and attempted styling them a bit.

We put up some of our favourite Christmas decorations and Finnish glass pieces.  There are also a few hits of blue/turquoise via the painting, bowl and books.  Pretty well everything on the shelves we already owned. I did pick up the turquoise bowl at Goodwill to hold our keys.  This is right in step with our New Year's resolution to finally finish unpacking and get rid of any excess stuff and simplify.  Stay tuned for our basement plans.  Tech Guy and I have been busy drawing plans on Floorplanner.

So those were the majority of our Christmas decorations.  I hope you liked it! :)  You can check out Little Pilot's Christmas decor here and here (if your interested or missed it).

We wish you a very happy and blessed New Year 2012!

Tech Guy, Anu, Little Pilot and Nalle


  1. :) looks beautiful anu :)
    you have a new follower on your blog & pinterest :)
    happy new year dear friends!!
    jenny, M & L & O

  2. thanks! Happy New Year!


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