4 Jan 2012

let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

It really hasn't been raining around here (more like snowing and freezing cold), but Little Pilot got something in the mail.  A new raincoat:

His aunt ordered this for him (Kiitos/Thank you!).

Little Pilot was actually scared of it at first.  He was also fascinated by it at the same time.  He would point to the coat and say, "caa" (car).  That's his word for all vehicles including tractors.  Little Pilot has a Power Wheels John Deere tractor in our basement that he is afraid of and I think he has relayed that fear to all tractors (remember his face on the tractor ride at the tree farm post here?).  I decided to leave the coat out for him to look at for the next couple of days (it was just too darn cute to put away).  Sure enough, Little Pilot kept coming back to it and pointing at the tractors.  I finally got it on him while he was distracted by something (the way we usually dress him).  This little guy is the king of squirmers! :)  After that he didn't want it to come off!  I guess it took him a little while to warm up to it.

Anyhoo, here are a bunch of photos of Little Pilot's new favourite coat:

I love these rare pics where he is looking at the camera.

Little Pilot's aunt will also appreciate the Scooby-Doo airplane fan Little Pilot received in his stocking.

This is Little Pilot using his made up sign language (twirling/twisting his hands) to ask his daddy to make the propellor fan work.  I had to put a pic of this because I'm not sure how much longer he will use these adorable gestures.

Just one more photo.  A side profile of my favourite scrunchy nose smile.

Thanks Little Pilot's aunt (sis).  We lurve the coat and hopefully tractors too! :)

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