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21 Jan 2015

Entry Updates

We've had a few really lovely sunny days which gave me the opportunity to take some photos of our entry this week.  I know that I don't always keep you all up to date on the small changes in our home, but I thought this year I would try and show some more of them here on the blog.  I've made a couple small updates to our entry which have helped it function a little better this winter. 
The first is the addition of a third shoe cubby (before we only had two).  We use the cubbies mostly for hats, mitts, etc. and once winter hit I noticed that the boys were having to climb up on a chair to get to their hats and mitts.  I decided to add the third one at the bottom and now they can easily get their things.  Thankfully, it fit just fine and we already had the third cubby since they are sold in packs of three.
I really didn't style the entry for these photos.  This is what it looks like when the boys (including Nalle) are all out.  Their coats and boots left with them and whatever was hanging I left on the hooks including the boys' camera.  Since there were no boots on the tray, I had to add some of the other shoes I found in the cubby.  Apparently, I only buy black and white shoes for myself and the boys!
The other update is adding this little hanging mirror.  This picture is from the perspective as you enter our house.  To the left of the mirror is a coat closet and through the opening on the right is the kitchen.  I didn't really have any other place for a mirror in the immediate entry so I think this spot works well for checking yourself before you go since the hubby and I would be getting our coats from here anyway.
I took this picture to let you see where the den (aka my new workspace) is in relation to the entry.  It's pretty much right there when you enter the house.  I'm going to have to keep that desk really tidy or close the doors when guests come over.  The space is still a work in progress and you can probably see the mess peeking out from around the corner.  Lots to do in there, but really exciting!
I hope you liked seeing this space again and the small updates we made.

Light fixture:  Artek
Shoe Cubbies: Ikea
Coat hooks:  Muuto
Boot Tray, rug, vase and mirror:  Target
Wallpaper:  Marimekko
Art:  DIY free printable here
Chair:  vintage


  1. I love the location of your workspace. I think it's perfect. Your entry way has always been so lovely. I love it!

    1. Thanks so much Mekenzie! I like that the workspace is close to the living room, but still it's own space.

  2. Your entry looks so nice and it has that scandinavian feel to it :-)

    1. Thank you Sari! I'm so glad you think so. :)

  3. Love the updates and that mirror is really cool.

    1. Thanks Julia! Using the Muuto hook really helped the mirror look a little more finished.

  4. Black and white shoes are the way to go ;) Obsessed with your entryway, and that mirror is a perfect addition!

    1. Thanks Amy! I think black and white anything goes around here! ;) I


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