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26 Jan 2015

DIY Valentine's Day Arrows Wall Hanging

Happy Monday!  I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.  Our weekend was pretty busy with the Interior Design Show.  Hubby's business was taking part in the show.  I was able to get a little Valentine's Day crafting in though and made some (cupid's) arrows.  They were super simple to make and I think they look pretty cute.
I went with a little blush, black, white and gold for my arrows.  I was tempted to add mint green, but thought I'd stick to the blush for Valentine's Day.

The hanging I made ended up in the living room.  You may notice that my sewing table is no longer there.  It was moved to my new workspace.  I put the boy's old change table there for the time being.  I took the legs off to make it look less like one.  It's a temporary solution until I can figure something else out for there.
These arrows would also be fun just to make on their own.  You could criss cross a couple and make a little 3D art or gather a few in a vase.

This project actually cost me less than a dollar (the cost of the 1/4" dowel) to make the arrows.  The rest of the materials I already had on hand: scraps of paper (including some of the wallpaper from our front entry), twine, glue and the large dowel from the boys' advent calendar.  You could probably find some branches to substitute for the dowels as well.  However, if you are starting from scratch I have the full materials list in the DIY below.

  • One 1/4" dowel cut into two - 12" pieces and two - 10" pieces
  • One 1/2" dowel (cut to 24")
  • Twine/leather cord/yarn 
  • Various card stock scraps
  • two eye hooks
  • Hot glue, glue gun, scissors
How To:

For each arrow:
Step 1:  Cut two contrasting feather/leaf pieces (one a little smaller than the other) and two matching triangles from card stock 

Step 2:  Fold each of the feather/leaf pieces in half along the middle and then cut small slits along the outer edge (through both layers of card stock) on an angle.  This will create the feather-like look.

Step 3:  Glue the two feather/leaf pieces to one end of the 10"/12" dowel at slight angles from each other with the smaller one on top.

Step 4:  Wrap some twine along the bottom of the glued feather/leaf pieces.  I used hot glue to secure at the beginning and the end of the wrap.

Step 5:  Glue the triangle pieces to the other end of the 10"/12" dowel.  I found it helpful to glue on one side first and then glue the other triangle on top.  You'll be wedging the dowel between the two triangle pieces.

6.  Repeat steps 1-5 for however many arrows you wish to make.

7.  Screw in two eye hooks to either end of the large dowel and secure some twine from one end to the other to create the loop for hanging.  Use twine to hang your arrows from the dowel.

I had to share this picture of Nalle here today.  He waited so patiently for me to take photos of my little craft when all he really wanted was a walk. :)

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  1. love this! my kids are off from school so was trying to think of something fun to do.... maybe we will make some arrows!

    1. They would definitely be fun to do with the kids. Mine have already asked me to make some with them too. I was thinking of making mini ones from skewers.

  2. SO so pretty and not just for Valentine's Day

    1. Thanks Julia! I think they would be cute in a kids room or nursery too.

  3. I love your simplistic approach to holiday decorating. It's understated and I LOVE it! Those are super cute :)

    1. Thanks so much! I love to keep things simple when I can. I seem to enjoy it more that way. :)

  4. LOVE this! Where did you find the gold leather cording? It's so pretty!

    1. Thank you! I bought the cording awhile ago and I think it was from Hobby Lobby?

  5. I love IT !!! This Will be my DIY today !!! Thanks for inspiration :))

    1. Thanks so much Delphine! I'd love to see how yours turns out. :)

  6. So cute and perfect for Vday :) Love it Anu! xoxo

  7. Love how subdued and natural it is, it's perfect!

  8. This is so adorable! You always make the best DIY projects!!

  9. I seriously love these! I am making these to hang year-round! Thanks!


  10. very cute! I'm so impressed with anyone who manages Valentine's decorating--it comes too closely on Christmas's heels for me!

  11. This is such a cute idea for Valentine's Day. Love the arrows and the different patterns you chose. Your Nalle sounds like a sweetheart.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Pieced Pastimes


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