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13 Nov 2014

DIY Pennant Banner

I'm sharing a little diy tribal banner/flag today.  You might recognize it from the boys' birthday party.  When I made the banner I intended to use it as art for the boys' room afterwards.  I haven't found the perfect spot for it yet in their room so I ended up styling it in my entryway.  I think the arrows on the banner go well with the Marimekko wallpaper and I grabbed a few things from the boys' room to accessorize.  The cute little "s" banner was a handmade gift that my oldest got for his birthday.  The inspiration for my arrows flag is from this one by Ferm Living.  It was really important for me to make sure the banner had a perfect point at the bottom.  You can read how I achieved that below.

 How To Make the Perfect Pennant Banner

1.  Materials:  canvas/heavy weight fabric, sewing machine and coordinating thread, wooden stick/dowel (I had my oldest find me one from our yard), string (I used baker's twine) and paint

2.  Cut an 11.5" x 16" rectangle from your fabric.  To create the point of the pennant fold the two top corners towards each other creating a triangle (like the first step in folding a paper airplane).  Cut these folded pieces off using the crease of the fold as a guide.

3.  Sew the bottom and side points using a mitred corner technique.  You can find a great tutorial for sewing mitred corners here.  You will use the same technique for the wider angled side corners as a regular 90 degree corner.  You will just end up with a mitre that is the same as your wider angle.

4. After you have made your mitred corners, sew a 1/2" double hem around all the edges except the top.

5.  Create a hem at the top of the banner to accommodate your stick/dowel.  I used a 1.5" hem with a 1/2" turned under.

6.  Paint your desired image or message onto your banner.  I drew my arrows on with a pencil before painting them using an angled brush.

7.  Once the paint has dried, insert the dowel/stick through the top hem and secure twine from one end to another to create the loop for hanging.
 Overall, it was a pretty simple project and I'm excited to put it up in the boys' room.  Mitring the corners of the pennant is the key to getting a really professional looking banner.  I hope you like this project as much as I do!


  1. adorable! It's going to look great in the boys' room :)

  2. This is quite lovely Anu. Love the arrow design!

  3. Beautiful! I love the stick detail! It adds just the right touch!

  4. I love banners! They are so fun to make!
    I featured your project here > https://twineanchorandthyme.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/web-wandering-and-coffee-sipping-pt-6/

    Thank you!


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