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3 Nov 2014

Teepee Birthday Party

I'm so happy to share a ton of pictures from the boys' teepee party.  I may have gotten carried away with all the photos, but I had a hard time narrowing it down to this massive compilation. ;)  The party was a lot of fun and the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.  The boys' were riding their ponies and playing with the teepee for many days after (there are some photos of the sock hobby horses towards the end of this post).  I'm going to start with pictures of the decor.  We went with a black, white and yellow colour scheme which you may have guessed from the invitation I made.  I used a lot of tissue paper tassel  garlands, cute printable signs, a diy pennant, the big teepee, little paper teepees and balloons as the main decor.
This little banner was a DIY that I made (I'll be posting a how to soon).  It ended up looking really cute hanging from the rhino nose.  I'm hoping to reuse this as wall decor in the boys' room.

These paper teepees were based on a free printable.

I'm so happy with how the teepee turned out.  It was the centrepiece of the party.  You can find the tutorial here.

I forgot to take good pictures of the food and desserts.  I kept them pretty simple without a ton of special decor for them.  We had black, white and yellow cutlery, napkins, plates, etc.  and the only extra I really added to the food were the flags on top of the cupcakes.  We had the boys' favourite fancy mac'n cheese, karjalan piirakkas, veggies, meringues, cupcakes, fruits and ginger cookies.

The buffet made a great backdrop for the party with the garlands teepees and poster.

Before I get to the fun part, aka party games, here's a little reminder of the invitations we gave out.  One of our little party attendees told her mom that Little Pilot put the ribbon on her invitation so that she could hang it on her door.  <3

So here are the games...
"Pin the door on the teepee" was a simple game.  I just drew a teepee shape on our chalkboard wall and cutout some triangles for doors from scrapbook paper.  

I set up a station for the kids to make their own teepees.  I used a printable (link here) and placed some skewers, feathers and glue out for the kids to make their own little teepee.

 My mom kindly made all the sock hobby horses for the kids.  We had one for each guest to take home with them.  A small bale of hay was the perfect spot for the ponies to rest.  We had a great pony race and I think it was the favourite (or at least most exciting) game for the kids.

In addition, to the sock hobby horses we gave out a small treat bag.  
 I used popcorn boxes as the "bags".  Each box had some candy, black or white play dough and a clacker.  I picked up the clackers from Target and spray painted them to have a black and white side.

The birthday boys: two and four years!

I think this party was my favourite from the few that we have thrown now.  I think it's because the kids seemed to all have so much fun.


Tissue paper for DIY tassel garlands: Target
Balloons:  Dollar Tree
Posters:  Printables Here
Pennant banner: DIY coming soon

Napkins & Cutlery:  Target
Plates:  Dollarama
Flags on cupcakes:  DIY

DIY teepee:  tutorial here, fabric via Ikea and Finnstyle
Small Paper Teepees:  link to printable here
Sock Hobby Horses:  DIY coming soon
Feather Headbands:  DIY
Invitations:  DIY found here

Favour (popcorn) boxes: Winners
Black and white play dough:  SuperStore
Clackers (sprayed black and white):  Target
Black and white gummy bears:  Winners


  1. OH WOW! Such a gorgeous party! All the decor and activities. Love the horses! Mummu rocks! And beautiful pictures. You can see how the children enjoyed themselves. Happy birthday once again to the boys!

    1. Thanks friend! Mummu really is the best and does so much for the boys and I.

  2. Such a lovely theme party! So many inspiring ideas!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it.

  3. Looks like a great party; the kids all seem to be having so much fun :). And I think handmade hobby horses win the prize for best party favor EVER!

    1. They really did have a blast. The hobby horses seemed to be everyone's favourite. I feel so blessed to have my mom help me out by making them.

  4. Oh my goodness Anu. You went ALL OUT and then some. This is so so amazing. I love that even the guests are color coordinated! Those horses are fabulous. And I really really like your tee-pee decor and the tassels. The invites are so fab. There is almost too much goodness here for just one post. I would have had a hard time narrowing these photos down any further too. LOVE IT!!

    1. Ha! My sweet friend remembered the colours from the invitation and dressed her little girl accordingly (in Marimekko to boot!). I was also considering breaking up the post, but thought it's nice to get a sense of the whole party. There were a lot more photos I would have loved to include, but had to limit them to the ton above. ;)

  5. Sosososo CUTE! I love all the simple details and color scheme, but most of all the looks on all the kids' faces makes me melt <3 Looks like everyone had a great time!

  6. I love the party theme! The teepees are adorable and those stick horses are the best!

  7. Such a great party for your 2 precious boys!! Love it!

  8. Oh my, this is so utterly charming! It reminds of the big denim teepee I had growing up :) This is such a fun theme for a party and it looks like everyone had a blast!

    Amy | Club Narwhal

  9. Oh my, what a charming party! I love the teepee, especially the horses. I am looking forward to the tutorial.

  10. So cute! I love the colors and the tassle banners! It looks like such a fun party!

  11. How adorable birthday party! You proved that monochrome parties could also be elegant and memorable. I am in love with everything you did in this party. At one of the best NYC venues I am also thinking to host my twin’s birthday. I would love to use this theme my friend!


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