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15 Jul 2013


I'm a little late with Co-pilot's monthly photos!  He actually turned 9 months on a day we were driving from Cape Cod.  I ended up taking some rushed photos at the beach in front of our cottage the morning we were supposed to leave.  The lighting in the bright sun wasn't perfect for portraits, but the background was lovely. :)  

At nine months Co-pilot is developing so quickly.  We have his nine month checkup at the doctor later this month so you'll have to wait until the 10 month photos to find out how big our baby is getting. :)  Co-pilot continues to be very attached to me and he's also very detail-oriented (that stage where they find even the smallest little specks off the floor).  He's finally starting to show some crawling/dragging attempts and trying to pull up to stand.  I don't mind that he's not moving too much yet - I'm soaking in all the baby holding and cuddling I can get!

Here's some of the fun things he's doing now:
Most of the photos I got were like the one above since the sand was far more interesting than the camera or Mummu dancing behind me. :)

You can see the beach that was in front of the cottage in the next few photos.  I think the tide was on its way out and you can see some of the boats are sitting on the sand where the ocean waters had left.    I could watch the tide all day.  It is so amazing and beautiful and relaxing and, and....  Mind you it still doesn't compare to one uber cute 9 month-old (at least to me).

I snapped this onesie photo once we got back home.  Technically he's 9 months and a few days, but I used a Marimekko beach towel as the background to tie in with the beach photos above.

Here's just an extra photo of my boys on the front deck - again, the lighting is a bit harsh, but they were both smiling so nicely that I thought I'd include it.  You can see how close the beach was to us (no houses in front).

I hope your summer is going well.  I have some house projects in the works and the shared room has gotten some new furniture.  I will be back with updates soon along with some more of our vacation photos. :)  

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  1. Owww he looks right at home on the beach and enjoying the sunshine :) What a cutuie x

  2. He is adorable! I love watching my children learn. Don't feel bad, I never can get my child to look at the camera either.

  3. He's so adorable! :) And I cannot believe I got to hold him. :D And that I got to meet you all! It feels like yesterday but then again it feels like forever. Enjoy the last baby moments. Sooner than you can imagine he's running around.

  4. Big boy! Adorable as always. Enjoy these last few moments of limited mobility :)

  5. He looks so happy in his yellow chair :)


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