1 Jul 2013


Canada Day greetings from Cape Cod!  We weren't home to celebrate Canada Day, but had a lot of fun today celebrating while on vacation in Cape Cod.  Our Day started off at the beach right in front of the cottage we rented.  It is on Cape Cod Bay and we have really enjoyed watching the tide come and go as well as doing a little swimming.  

The morning was a little rainy so we took the pilots to the mall to ride the carousel.  It was Co-pilot's first ride on an official carousel.  Little Pilot also took his first carousel ride on this same carousel a couple of summers ago.

We also had an early dinner at our favourite seafood shack:  Capt Cass.  It is at Rock Harbour.  There was supposed to be fireworks tonight at the harbour, which we can see from our cottage's deck, but they were postponed until tomorrow due to the threat of rain.  Capt Cass' is quirky and informal which makes it a lot of fun and definitely something you won't find in Toronto.

All the seafood is SO fresh!  I had some fried clams, Tech Guy had lobster and Mummu had cod.    Totally informal:  paper plates plastic cutlery and a vinyl table cloth.  Isn't that menu board fun?!  

Here's a pic of Little Pilot at the harbor where the restaurant is.  He was very interested in checking out the lobster traps.

 Our day ended with a swim which was lovely.  We're looking forward to watching the fireworks (should be tomorrow night weather permitting) and going to the 4th of July parade.

I hope everyone back home had a wonderful Canada Day!


  1. Fun! Great pics! This is the first summer in many, many years we haven't made a Cape trip...maybe next year!

  2. I was waiting for Cape Cod photos! :) I love the look on that restaurant. We've been to a similar when we were there but I cannot remember where it was. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and hopefully you'll see the fireworks tonight.

  3. I am in love with your photography. I love the one of one of the pilots on the carousel horse. Love all your collages. They are perfect :)


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