10 Jul 2013


We're back from our vacation to Cape Cod!  It went by way too fast and I am planning to post some photos from our trip a little later once I have time to narrow all the pics down to just a "few" for the blog.  If you've read my blog before, you'll know that by a "few" I mean a hundred or so. :)  

So today's post isn't about our vacation, but one of my summer projects: the pilots' shared room.  When we got home from our trip I had an email that Little Pilot's nursery was being featured at Apartment Therapy (yay!).  I submitted the space to them many months ago and had assumed it hadn't made the cut.  As I went to check out the post, I was reminded that I had wrote that Little Pilot's nursery was one of my favourite spaces in our home.  I was a little sad to realize that it wasn't true anymore.  The room has sadly been neglected since the arrival of Co-pilot.  We really haven't done anything to update the space since we made it a shared room.  We basically added a yard sale toddler bed and did nothing else.  We didn't even move the shelves or pictures around (the mirror and chalkboard "s") have been taken down.    I guess this unexpected Apartment Therapy feature gave me the motivation to get to work on (or at least start planning) this room.

Here's the room as it stands right now:
 I've been struggling with the layout of this room and with what to do with beds that really don't go together well.  If you have any ideas I would love to hear them. :)

The crib was a gift from my mom and has to stay even though it is probably too big for this tiny room.  I don't love the dark wood.  It isn't really my style, but I am hoping to make it work since painting it will probably devalue it for resale.  Oh, and I'm not sure why I still have a woolen baby suit hanging there in July. :)

Little Pilot's toddler bed is this natural colour that is fighting with the dark stain on the crib.  The shape is similar to the crib and a coat of paint may remedy the mismatch.  I am also thinking of getting this toddler bed  since it is the same width as the crib and I could possibly fit both end-to-end along the striped wall.  The change table isn't being used much anymore and we really need a dresser to help store the mounds of clothes that generally litter the room's floor (maybe on the opposite wall?).  The shade on the lamp has got to go too.

Another look at Co-pilot's side of the room (can you find him in the crib?).

I think this "door" wall of the room will stay as is since the bookshelf is so functional and fits perfectly there.  That means I only have two walls to work with for furniture placement that both are made a little shorter by the the doors that swing onto them (entry door and closet door).

So there you have it!  A little "before" tour of the shared room.  Once I figure out:

1) the bed situation,
2) layout and
3) clothes storage,

I can get to the fun decorating part.  I'm finding the room is looking a little grey and would love to add a little more bright coloured accents to the room, but don't worry, it will still have a lot of white (because white is right after all). :)

If you would like to share any of your fabulous ideas to help me figure out my furniture/layout dilemmas I would be so delighted!

Here's one Cape Cod pic just for fun:

I couldn't resist! :)


  1. :D You crack me up sometimes...... woolen suits in July..... I'm right there with you as I found a wolly mitten with the sunhats. :D And you just gotta love the pic of Little Pilot on the beach. Beautiful photo!

    1. lol. Yep, I tend to get a little distracted with other things. Maybe I should really get to putting those wintery things away! :)

  2. That is a fabulous Cape Cod picture! I can't wait to see the rest! I love your nursery...it's the room that first led me to your blog (I can't remember how...I think I was googling something or other)...but I'm excited to see the updates, too. Congrats on Apartment Therapy :) (that gives me some hope, too--Abe's nursery was on their family site, and they got back to me very quickly when I submitted it. but then I submitted Ari's room and haven't heard from them...I figured that meant they wouldn't use it, but who knows? maybe I'll get a surprise one day :))

    1. I wish we were still there at that beach! I had completely forgot about the submission that I didn't at all remember what I wrote or what pictures I sent in. I think you will still get a surprise too. Ari's room is so great!

  3. I think, as you suggest, painting the natural wood of the toddler bed would go a long way to tying in the 2 beds. If the brown stain isn't your cup of tea, perhaps painting it out white with a dark grey or even dark blue, to match the curtains, on the frame to mimic the crib.
    I love those curtains- lots of great colour to draw from to add accent colour.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions. I love the idea of painting the edges a different colour.

  4. Congrats on the Apartment Therapy feature. That is so exciting.

    Here is my take on the bed situation - since you asked :). Kids grow up super fast, so if it were me, I would not buy another toddler bed.

    When I look at your current toddler bed, I see the same kind of design on the end boards that are the legs of the beds as I see on the crib. They are both on the flat side and go up over and down on the other side, much like your crib's black/brown feature. One idea would be to mimmick that in the toddler bed, by painting that part black brown, then the rest white. Maybe do a circle motif on the end of the toddler bed as well. Either with paint or by making some white rings / circles out of white plumbing pipes or something like that...?

    Love the beach photo. It's perfect. Can't wait to see the next 99 photos from your vacation ;)

    1. Thanks Katja. I thought the same thing about the lines of the toddler bed when I first saw it at the yard sale and was always planning to paint it. The bed actually converts into a twin sized bed so it's a little wider than a crib/regular toddler bed. I'm re-arranging things in there right now to see if I can get the beds to work. It would be nice not to have to buy another bed. Hopefully I can get the furniture puzzle solved soon. :)

  5. I like a lot your kids room!!! I love the light colors. Did you make the Moomin mobile? Or where did you get it?

    1. Thanks Jo! The Moomin mobile is by Flensted. I ordered mine from here: http://www.wayfair.com/Flensted-Mobiles-Moomin-Mobile-f432-FMS1085.html?redir=moomin&rtype=8&dept=0&ust=.


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