17 Jan 2013

Love at First Skate

Skating is a pretty big deal at our house.  When I was younger I spent countless hours on the ice figure skating (you may have guessed this if you saw this post).  I even continued competing while I was in graduate school.  So, naturally, I was super excited to get Little Pilot his first pair of skates and even more so to show y'all his first time trying them out.

Here's how our family headed for the local outdoor rink that is within walking distance from our house (sweet!).  Little Pilot was excited to get his skates on, Co-pilot slept nicely in his Bugaboo Donkey and Nalle was only concerned about visiting all the new people (hence, you can only see his tail end in this photo).  Mummu and Pappa also braved the cold to come witness this very important milestone and helped us get some pictures (kiitos!).

It was a super sunny, but cold day.  Here is Little Pilot sitting very nicely while Daddy put on his skates.  He really must have been excited to get on the ice and/or happy to watch the skaters on the ice.

Here is the happy skater.  Sorry, that I'm not looking at the camera, but this was the best picture of Little Pilot smiling.  Little Pilot usually has on a serious face when he likes something or tries something new. So this happy face must have meant he loved it!  Maybe, I'm looking down to avoid the pain in my feet.  After having two babies my feet have stretched quite a bit and my feet were pretty squished in those skates (think the evil step sisters trying on Cinderella's glass slipper - ouch!).

I think Tech Guy and my backs were pretty sore from holding up a 26 month-old for about an hour of skating.

We let Little Pilot fall a couple times to try and work on getting up.  He didn't quite master it and preferred to scootch on his bottom. :)  Overall, he did really well and was even able to stand up on the ice for a few seconds.  A good tip to help first time skaters to learn to start moving on the ice is to pick up their feet (I told Little Pilot to march).  This worked well and helped Mommy not have to do all the work holding him up (my back was grateful).

Little Pilot loved watching the Zamboni clear the ice!

 Once he got off the ice, he did a happy dance (running in circles around Nalle).

They also had this fun sleigh near the rink.  Nalle gave Little Pilot a ride. :)

Overall, Little Pilot's first skate was great fun for the whole family - love at first skate!  

I wonder if we can get Co-Pilot on skates next year?


  1. oh anu! that's SO special that you were able to take little pilot out for his first skate ♥
    the sun and cold only added to the memory :)
    i still remember learning to skate on the lake behind our house... it was so frustrating... my dad made me push around a metal chair which was far too heavy for me lol...
    i also have fun memories of a figure-skater-friend-of-mine trying to teach me to spin ;) i never quite mastered it... maybe she can teach lucy??

  2. I just bought a pair of skates today! I'm excited to take my daughter out on her first real skates. She wore training skates last year and went out on a neighbour's backyard rink - a good Canadian skating memory for her!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I've found yours :)


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