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20 Jan 2013

A Mini Mudroom Procrastination

We have a few reno projects in the works for 2013.  The main one being our basement.  We were forced to gut it and redo all the plumbing when our sewage pipe backed up on us last summer.  Yes, eeewww, SO disgusting!  Being very pregnant at the time, I did not take it very well.  So the basement right now stands as a big gutted mess.  My brother-in-law helped Tech Guy start framing the Sauna and bathroom over Christmas, but that's as far as we've gotten.  I hope to finish drawing out a plan soon to share with y'all.

Another big goal for us is to get Tech Guy's den fully organized so that he can get a better system for his business paperwork.  His den is next to our front entry and had begun to be a dumping ground for all of the baby/toddler gear that comes/goes in and out.  So the first step to helping clean the den out was to figure out another place for all that gear.  That's where this next project blossomed from.  We needed a mudroom badly!!!  We don't have one of course, but we do have a door to the back that has an teeny tiny bit of space at the landing.  I decided that maybe we could maximize this space to contain some of the gear.  

Here is our back entry before:
It is a few steps down from our kitchen and has stairs that lead to the basement on the left.  This is where we let Nalle out and feed him.  It's actually a lot neater in these pictures than it usually is, but you can see we have all sorts of random junk happening in there:  extra kitchen cupboards stacked, clothespins, paint, toys, a vase, mismatched dog bowls, etc.  You've also gotta love the bare bulb hanging from the ceiling.  I'm guessing it must have had a glass globe on it at somepoint.  So to get to cleaning out that den procrastinate from doing paperwork, I decided to make a little mood board of what I would like to do in our mini mudroom.  The plan is to continue with our overall house decor with simple and clean style.  This mood board shows some of the things I would love for our house.

 1.  I absolutely love these The Dots Coat Hooks from Muuto.  I'm not sure if I will splurge on these or try and make some myself have Tech Guy make some for me.

2.  I want to add a little touch of the turquoise that we have on our kitchen backsplash (I haven't shared our kitchen reno yet, but you can see the backsplash in this post).  It will likely be via a fabric like this Imperial Trellis toss cushion.  Since the mudroom is visible from the kitchen, I think this will help tie the two spaces together.

3.  Tech Guy really loves the industrial exposed hanging bulb and this E27 Pendant Lamp from Muuto comes in a ton of fun colours.  I think this might be something easy to DIY with a little spray paint.

4.  I want to make a floating bench (image from here) so that I can put Nalle's bowls and our shoes under it freeing up the floor space.  We're building it out of some oak veneer and staining it to match our hardwood floors.

5.  I really heart these woven felt baskets. For some reason they have a Scandinavian modern look to me.  They will go up on the top shelf.

6.  I have always wanted a metal boot tray.  I found the one pictured above here.

Those are some of the ideas I have for our mini mudroom.  We'll see how long it takes for us to get to all of it.  The boys are napping at different times at the moment which leaves us with like a second of free time.

Along with the basement, den and mini mudroom, I am hoping to get to the boys' shared room, our living room fireplace (built-ins or something) and when Spring arrives a play house for Little Pilot and Co-Pilot as well as some landscaping.   I think these projects will keep us busy.  We'll have to see how many we actually get to this year. :)

Anyone else have some fun projects planned for this year?  Is anyone also procrastinating with mood boards or other musings?  

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  1. a mud...uhh, area (in our foyer) is high on our list, too. I love the mood board for yours--that light fixture is so cool!

  2. Thanks! I guess our mini mudroom is more of a mud area too :). Good luck with yours!

  3. the imperial trellis pillow is a MUST HAVE! thanks for sharing:)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So sorry, I somehow deleted my reply! Gotta love that trellis pattern. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

  4. These are all great picks! I really like the fabric you have chosen.

  5. oh i only wish we had space for a mud room...

    mjolk carries both the light and the hooks: http://store.mjolk.ca/index.php?shop=1&c=51&products_pgn=1&limit=5000

    1. Thanks Jenny, I noticed that they carried Muuto and was planning to see if they had the light and hooks. I'm so excited to find out that they do.

  6. anu! have you bought the felt baskets yet??
    if not... west elm has them on sale now from $50 to $35... and an additional 15% off... so just under $30!


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