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27 Jan 2012

I'm the tornado

This week's project 52 theme is self-portrait.  

Yep, that's my self-portrait - a tornado.  I decided to try and see if I could create motion blur and I think I got quite the blur in this picture. :)  I'm at the new outdoor rink that opened up near our house this winter.  In the mornings it often looks like this with no one there.  On this day it was very cloudy and snow-raining (very fine, wet snow).  I think it made my spinning blur/tornado have the perfect stormy sky backdrop.

I was in this layback position in the picture. 
 I haven't figure skated in years, but it was a very big part of my life for a long time.  That old back wasn't quite bending as it used too, but the turn out on my free leg is not as bad as I thought it might be. :)

I took my photos above using my dad's tripod and used the self-timer for the first time. I had to pull out that oh-so-fascinating camera manual. :)

Little Pilot came down to the rink as well and went for a couple of spins with his mommy.  He was very serious during all of it, but when we got home he was practicing his spinning and lifting his leg up just like mommy.  Don't worry Pappa, I think he still likes planes more than figure skating. :)

Here's another photo of us spinning with some more blur.

Outdoor skating is one of our winter fun list items.  We have done this skating with mommy thing a couple of times now and I think we can sort of check off that item.  Hopefully we can still find him some sort of skates so he can try a glide for himself. :)


  1. I wish I could skate - these photos are lovely and make me wish that even more.

  2. Fun shots! I have never even been on the ice! http://samsnoggin.com/2012/01/self-portrait-p52.html

  3. Oh these are just FANTASTIC!!!! I especially like that last one.


  4. so fun and creative! love them all

  5. I love your self portraits! Very cool.

  6. OOOooo these are great, so pretty and what a great idea! I love the black and white! Awesome rink and no crowds! How cool is that!

  7. THIS is sooo very cool! Love all these pictures & what a fabulous idea! If those were of me, it would be me falling on my head! You are obviously a talented skater & photographer! :)

  8. Wow! I had enough trouble just setting the timer and getting in the picture. This is really impressive. Beautiful skating, too. Very creative.

  9. What an original creative idea! I am not sure I could even stand on skates so way to go girl!!


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