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19 Dec 2011

Christmas cookies

We've been busy getting ready for Christmas and in the meantime have been checking off items from our winter fun list.  Today's fun was sugar cookies.  This one turned out to be super duper fun for Little Pilot, Mummu and I.  Mummu was over to help us with our cookie baking and Little Pilot was into it 100%.  I made the dough while he was taking a nap and when he woke up we got right to work.

Little Pilot took his cookie making quite seriously for the most part.  We started with rolling out the dough making sure that both hands were on the rolling pin handles. Just look at that concentration! :)

Some more intense rolling.

Then we moved onto the cookie cutter pressing.  You can see Little Pilot use his pipes in this one.  You can also see the effort written allover his face (man, this cookie making is hard work!). :) 

Yay!  Success!!! (the first smile he cracked).  I'm telling you, It was pretty serious work for this little guy!
That's Mummu's shoulder in the above pic.  She was a little camera shy, but her help was much appreciated! :)  

We used three different snowflake cookie cutters.  Here are some picks of the medium sized ones (just in case anyone might be interested in what we made).  

I tried a sour cream sugar cookie recipe this year and they turned out okay, but I may just go back to my tried and true sugar cookies of previous years.  I also changed up my icing a bit this year by adding some cream cheese and really did like it.  The icing is a keeper for sure.  Now I will just have to remember what I did. :)
Here are the cookies iced.

And for our taste-testing finale...

 Again, sooo serious!  Oh, I love you Little Pilot and I love that you have flour allover your sweater!  I'm looking forward to all the fun messes we'll make together as you grow (kinda, sorta).

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