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12 Dec 2011

winter fun list

Originally posted:  November 21, 2011

I have always loved lists.  There’s something about crossing off an item that is so rewarding.  I even love crossing of agenda items at meetings.  Maybe I’m a little OCD, but it makes me happy. :)  So when I came across various check/activity lists during blog/web surfing, I was really excited to make one for our family.  It will be fun to take a look at this list as we plan our family fun and at the end of the winter to see how many we were able to complete.
Here’s what Tech Guy and I came up with(well mostly I, since I was in control of the list and Tech Guy was coming up with ideas such as having Little Pilot Shovel the driveway – he can watch and play in the snow for now :)

I think this list is making us look forward to winter this year.  Wierd, right?

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