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31 May 2015

June Printable Calendar

I'm just getting this calendar out just in time for the first of June!  The pattern Features some sweet strawberries.  One of my favourite things in June.  June really is one of the loveliest months of the year.  I hope you like it!  Download it here (for personal use only).http://www.mediafire.com/view/m9a1fkd17n4llgx/June_2015_Calendar.pdf
I also just want to quickly update you on why there has not been much posting happening on the blog as of late.  We have been going like crazy on our renovation projects and there has been literally no time to take photos or sit down at a computer for any length of time.  I'm hoping as things slow down a little I'll get a chance to post some of the progress that has been made. The major work on our basement is slowly wrapping up and the design/decorating work can soon begin!  It will be such a relief to have the never ending basement renovation done with.  The rest of the house has been a bit of a storage space as of late and I can't wait to get everything in order upstairs as well.  I'm hoping that you'll stick around (besides my absence lately)  to see all that we've accomplished.

Have a lovely week!  I hope to be back here soon.


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