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11 Jun 2015

DIY Modern Pink Planter

I just love June!  The weather is the nicest and the flowers are so beautiful.  It's really my favourite month.  We've been enjoying June so far and, today, I wanted to share a few new additions to our outdoor space(s) and a really basic DIY (if you can even call it that!)
One of my favourite new additions is this acapulco chair from Innit Designs.  They are a local Toronto company too.  This chair is super comfy and has a great modern look to it.  It's a pseudo father's day gift for the hubby since this spot by our back doors is his favourite place to sit.  The  pink planter is my "DIY".  My DIY basically was to spray paint a bullet-style planter pink since I couldn't find a pink one anywhere I looked.  Not much of a DIY, but I am super happy with it. :)

The planter I painted is one that I found at a local nursery.  I actually bought three of them since I liked their clean simple shape.  You can see above that I left the other two unpainted (at least for now).  I'm patiently waiting for my plants to fill in over the summer.  In case you might be wondering these are the plants I put in them: 

Large planter:   Cana Lilly (Bengal Tiger) - will have bright orange flowers
                      Creeping Jenny

Small Planter:  Fern

 For anyone interested in the details on the planters all I could find on the label was Braun (perhaps this company?) and "Portofino Collection".  I'm wondering whether these may be planters from last season since I couldn't find them online?  The spray paint I used was ballet slipper by Krylon.

So what do you think?  These planters and chair are just what this mommy Hubby needs to enjoy this beautiful month.


  1. I think it all looks fantastic! Love the pink planter! And of all warm months June is also my favorite one. :) Greetings from sunny Poland! Kasia

  2. oh i love the pale pink- it's so you!

  3. I love this color, and the plant and the Acapulco seat!

  4. Love the pink! And that chair is fabulous :)

  5. The pot looks great and I love your acapolco chair! I have my eye on a turquoise set for our courtyard I'm just waiting for them to be restocked :)

  6. SUper cute! And you must have some pink to contrast all the manly domination in the house.

  7. I love the shape and color!! It's perfect with that chair!! What is the plant in the pink planter? I really want one like that for my modernica, but I've been struggling to find any plants lately!

    1. hi amber...i have one of those too...it's a snake plant...i usually see them in the houseplant section. they are perfect because they are hard to kill and love being indoors too!

  8. gorgeous color! I love the canna lily, lantana combo...great idea!


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