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22 Sept 2014

Falling In Love with My Kitchen

Today is a very exciting and a little bit of a nerve-wracking day for Nalle's House.  I'm participating in Fall Room Makeover challenge with a bunch of super talented bloggers (links to the rooms they have chosen to makeover are below).  The idea of the challenge is to choose a room that we need to fall in love with and give it a makeover.  This room for me is my kitchen which is still very much in renovation mode after beginning (what I'm embarrassed to say) this past spring.  Having a half-finished kitchen really affects every room in our house since its the room we use and spend time in the most.  Our kitchen has been in such chaos for so long that finally finishing this space will feel so good!  I'm a little nervous though since there is so much still to do and I'm supposed to share the finished space with you by November 3rd!

I wrote about our kitchen progress in this post, but just as a refresher here are some photos from the kitchen that has remained exactly as it looked in that post until this weekend when we got, what we had hoped were, all the cabinet doors and other bits (more on that in a minute).  Also, for those of you who may be newer to my blog and/or this kitchen reno, it may be good to know that our kitchen is 100% DIY in that we designed every last detail ourselves and had/are having the cabinets made by a CNC machinist.  
When we last left off we had installed all the cabinet boxes, appliances and sink as well as added the walk out.  This weekend our kitchen looked like this: 

We picked up what we thought were going to be all the doors, fillers, toe kicks etc., but clearly were missing a few pieces.  One of the upper doors, the fridge panel, dishwasher panel, toe kicks and many of the filler pieces.  It was really a big womp, womp moment when we realized that so much of the kitchen was missing.  But wait!  There were more issues.  Three of the doors had the routed handles in the wrong position, the top hinge position on all of the pantry doors were wrong (they're attached by the middle and bottom hinge right now) and the doors on the far upper cabinet have to be trimmed since they're too tight.  That means that all of these doors are either going back to the shop and/or are being remade this week and our kitchen will be half of what you see above. :(  Two steps forward, three steps back… 

The good news is that our cabinet/CNC guy promised to have all the pieces completely finished by this coming weekend and I'm really hoping he sticks to his timeline so we can get back to work!  

We are also waiting on the countertops to be made.  They should be done and installed in 2-3 weeks.  Here is the mood board that I made of the finishes we're going for in our kitchen:

find the sources here.

So that's the room I'm hoping to "fall in love with" over the next 6 weeks!  I'm really hoping to get it all done!
 I'm going to be posting about our progress over that next few weeks and would love to know if you are interested in reading about the details that went into designing the kitchen (e.g., how we designed the routed handles, cabinet sizes, shelf spacing, drawers, hardware, etc.) or would just prefer to see the finishes as they go in.  I was also able to source really great deals on high end fixtures, appliances and the custom cupboards.  I'm wondering if it would be helpful to give you the 411 on all that as well.  This kitchen was a big learning process for me and if there's anything I can pass on to you about it, let me know.

Now that I've rambled on about my never ending renovation go see what other spaces all these talented bloggers are tackling over the next few weeks (I'm excited to find out too!):


  1. It already looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it with all the finishing touches!

  2. Yes, yes, yes of COURSE I want ALL the details. I love the mood board you have made. And I am rooting for you to get it all done!! :)

  3. I've loved seeing the glimpses of your kitchen so far....can't wait for the final reveal!

  4. Your kitchen is going to be DIVINE. I'm falling over myself with envy over here - you have such a great vision for the space! Cant wait to see it come along!

  5. I was eagerly awaiting updates on your kitchen and, yay, now I'm very much excited for this series! :)

  6. Your kitchen is going to be soooo good!! I cannot wait to see it all together! Love the white and marble!!

  7. I know you will be done in 6 weeks and I also know it will be gorgeous :)

  8. This is such an awesome idea and I can't wait to see what everyone does, especially your kitchen!!

  9. It's gonna be soooooo beautiful! Can't wait! xoxo

  10. Perfect room choice! We spend so much time in the kitchen, it really should be a room we love. Mine is currently not either...but I'm getting there :)

  11. Woohoo! I seriously can't wait for this to come together. It's already so bright and minimal. I know it's gonna be jaw dropping.

  12. Because this kitchen is 100% DIY, it's going to be nothing short of amazing. I'm already so in love with how it's coming together, and the marble countertops are a dream! I spy Marimekko of course... so so so love.


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