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14 Jul 2014

The State of Our Kitchen Renovation

We got back from our almost three week, super nice and relaxing vacation to Boston and Cape Cod early last week to a kitchen/house that is in full reno mode.  It was just a small reality check!  Half of our kitchen cabinets arrived before our vacation and the other half we got last week.  Our new french doors were delivered as well.  This past week has been all about the kitchen:  installing cabinets, making an opening, installing french doors, shopping for marble slabs and other finishes.  All these projects along with regular old work has been taking up much of our time.

Since we have done quite a bit of work on the kitchen, I thought it would be a good time to show you some progress pictures (you can see the last kitchen update here).  I'll warn you though that these photos are not pretty, but I think you can get a good sense of the layout of the new kitchen and my favourite part: the new walkout.  At the end of the post I have some inspiration photos that are much prettier and will give you a sense of what I'm hoping this kitchen will become (one day we'll get there!).

 Please excuse the open cabinetry that's missing some shelves, tray dividers, etc. and is overall, pretty unorganized.  The doors/faces, fillers and toe kicks are still being made.  I think it'll be another couple weeks of living like this until we get them (if all goes well!).  We've put in the couple of pieces of our old countertop that fit to have a little bit of counter to work with.

We've temporarily installed our new sink by Franke on top of some plywood pieces (it'll be under mounted when we get our countertops).  We like the rack that lifts up half way for drying dishes, rinsing produce, etc.  It's really helpful in this single bowl design.  The hubs and assistant are trying to level the stove in the background. :)

Here are the new french doors.  There still needing some trim and the walls need some drywall work after removing the old backsplash tile, but the space really feels a lot bigger and bright once they went in.  This room faces north and the amount of light that the doors let in make such a difference.  Of course, there was a hiccup with them as well.  The hardware for the doors didn't arrive in time and the supplier let us borrow one handle from his shop.  The doors are pretty traditional looking with their divided lights, but they go pretty well with the rest of the windows in the house.  Once we replace all the windows, we have the option of removing the grills if we want a more clean look.

I also put together a few images for you to see the look we are going for in the kitchen.  I want the kitchen to be very minimal and simple.  These pictures are a little nicer to look at after seeing our reno mess. :)

1. We are planning to go for marble kitchen counters and backsplash this time around.  I'm prepared to let it patina because I know with a house full of boys it's not going to stay pristine. (image)

2.  I would love to get this Aalto pendant light for over the island.  I think this brass ring will work well with the brass of our entry light fixture. (image)

3.  We are going hardware-less!  I love the simple look of the routed handles in this kitchen.

4.  I love the simplicity of the Arne Jacobsen designed Vola faucet. (image)

5.  Another kitchen with marble and wall sconces.  I'm thinking of doing uppers on the stove wall for just one side and want to put some kind of wall sconce on the other side. (image)

We have a lot still to do in the kitchen, but at least something's happening now.  Today I'm hoping to finalize a marble for the counter.  It's been super hard to find anything since, here in Toronto, most stone places reserve the good stuff for the designers and builders even before it gets on the ship from Italy. How frustrating is it when you go into to these places and they tell you the aisles and aisles of slabs are already spoken for?!  Oh the problems of the DIY renovator! ;) 

Thanks for reading!  Have a great Monday!


  1. it will all be worth it! i got home from haven to dog fur everywhere..... off to vacuum!

  2. It's cool to see the progress shots. I love the direction you are going with it all :) xo Kristin

  3. Love the french doors! So much natural light into the space and lovely access to your deck. And everything else looks wonderful as well. It's going to be done sooner than later so don't worry. You'll be enjoying your new kitchen in no time. Hugs!

  4. This is so so good Anu. I love where this is headed. That double door is awesome!! Love it!

  5. The doors are amazing. What a difference! Love the sink too.

  6. This is going to be amazing. I love the mood of the photos you showed. You do minimalist so right! That door lets in so much light!

  7. I'm starting to see the kitchen come together. It's so fresh! I'm loving following along this process.

  8. So exciting! Love that you're doing marble countertops. I'm a little obsessed with marble lately :)

  9. Loooove those french doors! Its gonna look awesome

  10. Kitchen renovations are tough. My whole 3rd trimester was spent in the middle of a kitchen reno. It will be worth it though. You have great taste and style. I don't doubt that it will look amazing when finished!


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