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30 Jul 2014

August Printable Calendar

I can't believe that there are only a couple more days of July left!  This summer is just flying by and the weather has been a little cooler than most summers.  We haven't used our A/C at all this summer.  We actually didn't even have one installed until last week.  We had to replace our old air conditioning system since we no longer have ducts after switching over to radiant in-floor heat last winter.  Even though it's been a little cooler, I'm not complaining! I actually like that it has been much less humid and icky-sticky than it can often be during the summer here in Toronto.

Now that I've gone on and on (quite randomly) about the weather and heating and cooling systems, how about a printable calendar for the last month of summer.  I tried to celebrate the last full month of summer in my design for the August printable calendar.  The calendar features a little celebratory bunting with the word "summer" spread across it.  It's features pink, grey and black again.  I actually tried to go with yellow, but the Hubs objected.  I think all the pink, black, grey and white in our decor is starting to grow on him.  :)  Oh, and he will most definitely want me to delete the above sentence about him wanting to go with pink, but sorry dearest, it's the truth. ;)

The calendar is available in the two main languages of our household:  Finnish and English.  Please remember that these calendars are free to download for personal use only.  You can find the DIY for the wood veneer calendar here.

I hope you like this month's design.  Happy midweek to you!


  1. I am also enjoying the cooler summer :) beats the heart and humidity in my books

    1. Agreed! It's especially lovely today.

  2. Thanks Amy! 😊

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you like it.:)


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