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1 May 2014

Painting Gummy Bears and a May Calendar

Oh, I'm getting this calendar out just under the wire here!  I usually try to get them out a few days before the end of the month, but somehow this one took me a little longer.  For this month's calendar I added a little more DIY to it by painting the calendar graphic.  I used some simple brushstrokes in spring colours.  Maybe it's some abstract flowers for May? Yeah, I'm probably reaching here, but I do like what I ended up with and the colours.  There's even a little gold paint in there for some shimmer. :)

Little Pilot also painted a calendar for Mummu.  He said that I was painting "gummy bears".  That's probably a more fun interpretation than my abstract flower idea.  We still need to deliver Little Pilot's calendar to Mummu.  Sorry for the spoiler Mummu!  Oh, and look at that wild hair.  He says that he likes it "porronen" - "fuzzy".

So what I have done this month is to put links to both a printable calendar that has the same painterly feel(shown below) and a blank calendar in case you feel like painting one yourself.  It really was as simple as painting some brushstrokes in a few different colours.  I'm definitely not an artist so I'm sure yours will turn out much more beautiful if you choose to paint one yourself.

*these calendars are for personal use only

You can find the other calendars here and the DIY for the wood veneer hanging calendar here.  Happy painting!  I can't believe it's May already.  I'm praying for some beautiful weather. 


  1. adorable! and i love gummy bears! yum.

  2. This is totally down my alley. Love it and I adore the paint by numbers too

  3. love the gummy bears and the fuzzy hair :)

  4. These are great, although I cant believe we are in May already, where has the year gone!


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