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13 Feb 2013

Handprint Hearts

The pilots and I just keep on crafting around here.  This time we made some handprint hearts.

I have been wanting to make some handprints of my two boys for awhile now.  I have a set of Little Pilot's handprints made from salt dough last year, but it was time to make some new ones of his hands and Co-pilot's too.  I love using the handprint moulds as decorations.  I hung Little Pilot's handprints from last year on our picture ledges (you can see them here).  I actually have a salt dough handprint that I made when I was around Little Pilot's age and it is fun to compare my hand to his.

This time around we used Crayola Model Magic to make our hand prints which was a little easier than the salt dough.  Although, Little Pilot would probably have been right into helping me make the dough (as evidenced here).  If you want to make two toddler and two baby handprints, you'll probably need two small packages of the Model Magic.

I haven't found a kids rolling pin I like.  So, yes, Little Pilot is rolling the dough with a marble rolling pin.  Good thing Mummu was there to help us out!

I had Little Pilot and Co-pilot press their hands into the dough before I cut out my shape.  They needed a little help in order to get a good imprint.

I then made a heart out of paper that was large enough to cover the handprint and traced it out with a bamboo skewer (It's what I had on hand that was sharp and wouldn't mark the modelling clay).  Then I used a butter knife to cut it out.

The Model Magic has a lot of bubbles in it because it has a foamy texture so I used a finger dipped in water to try and smooth out my heart.  
Once the heart was to my liking a lifted it onto a cookie sheet to dry.  It took 2-3 days to fully dry (the package suggests 72 hours).

Here are some more pictures of the finished product.  There is a baby and toddler handprint.  I am planning to use them in our house so I hung them from some twisted grey and turquoise wool.  For the photos they are hanging from some dogwood branches (that I stole out of our planters) in my new turquoise Aalto vase.

I am so happy to have these and know that I will look back at them some day and wonder how my boys were ever this small!


  1. Such wonderful hearts. I should do some with mine as well. I think I only have a foot print on a piece of fabric from our first born. Nothing from the second one. Definitely something to rectify. You Pilots are super cute!

    1. Thanks! The footprint on a piece of fabric sounds like such a fun idea too. I just might have to try that too. :)

  2. These are just lovely! I tried making salt dough prints last week without success; I think I will try the model magic after seeing how lovely yours are.

    1. The model magic is definitely a little easier and you can get a nice white colour. Good luck with your handprints. :)

  3. Oh the cuteness!! I want to make some with my nephew - he would absolutely love this.

  4. Beautiful.. I love little handprints!! I love the true white color.

  5. Love these! We used model magic too but I live that you made little hearts!

    I am new to your blog and have been reading lots of your posts. Love it! New follower :)

    Come visit any time



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