6 Feb 2012

taikina poika - translation: "dough boy"

That's my "taikina poika" ("dough boy").  To explain Little Pilot's newest nickname I have to backtrack to when Tech Guy and I were dating.  Tech Guy and I loved to bake cookies together.  One time we were baking at my parents' house and they had their friends over who had their 4 year-old son with them (who also ended up being our ring-bearer).  Tech Guy loved loves to taste the dough. Our friends' son saw him do this and dubbed him "taikina mies" ("dough man").  That name stuck for many years and we still call him that for fun sometimes.  So back to Little Pilot... I was making brownies (another of Tech Guy's favourites) and Little Pilot insisted I give him the bowl after I had poured the batter in the pan.  Little Pilot knew exactly what to do.  I think he has been watching his daddy aka taikina mies very closely.  I guess its father taikina mies like son taikina poika. :)

Here is some more of Little Pilot's taikina(batter) tasting. 

He literally got right into the bowl.  You can also see the mammarazzi in the bowl's reflection. :)

One last picture.  I love this expression:  "What are you looking at taking a picture of?!"

I hope your baking days are full of these fun moments. :)

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