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3 Feb 2012

swinging shadows

The project 52 theme this week is shadows.  I had a great plan of making a sign that said, "I love you" for Little Pilot to hold and to create a shadow from the cut out letters.  The week got a little crazy and mostly grey and overcast (not very good shadow weather) and that plan didn't happen.

I ended up with these  pictures that I took with my phone.  I noticed that Little Pilot and I were making some fun shadows while I was pushing him in his backyard swing.  I couldn't leave Little Pilot alone in the swing in order to get the proper camera from inside so I used what I had, my phone.  I guess I cheated a little this week because the goal of participating in this project was to learn how to use Pappa's DSLR.

We have a giant walnut tree in the back where Little Pilot's swing hangs and I tried to get a shadow in front of that, but the snow was all trampled there and the bark was so dark the shadows didn't show up.  So the backdrop ended up being our fancy-shmancy metal shed (tres retro).

I did a little more cheating by using Instagram.  This picture is Tech Guy's fave.  He thinks my hand looks like I am about to bonk Little Pilot on the head.  It's actually my oh-so graceful hand position after a pull and release of the swing :).

I personally like the more yellowy tones of this picture and that you can see where the squirrels have broken the door frame to make better access to their nest.  We'll have some fun cleaning/fixing that in the spring.

Those are my shadow pictures with a little cheating (I must apologize).


  1. These are cute...my kiddos LOVE to swing. And who cares if you used your phone?? =)

  2. not cheating surely? I think it's perfectly within the rules, and that second shot is my favourite of the two too!

  3. What a great way to capture a moment in time that you'll look back upon fondly in years to come. Both my daughters loved to swing when they were younger, and could fall asleep as they were being pushed. Wish I would have taken more picture of them at this stage...like you did beautifully in your photo this week.

  4. Oh my...this is just precious!! Great idea!

  5. I don't think it is cheating either. I like your shadows shots. First one looks like a rolling pin in your hand. Hee hee.

  6. oh yeah, it does look like a rolling pin. Funny. It also looks like you're wearing a prom dress. Love this picture. It's a really sweet moment you captured on camera, so cute!

  7. What a great creative idea! And thanks for your comment in my blog, your Finnish is outstanding! ☺
    I've been looking through all your pictures in your blog, and your house is simply just beautiful...


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