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12 Dec 2011

it's a turquoise Christmas

Originally posted:  November 28, 2011

Over here at Nalle’s House we have gotten a slow start to our Christmas decorating.  We put up our lights and I made some DIY decorations/arrangements.  We decided to use a turquoise accent colour this year via a massive spool of ribbon from Costco.  We’re fully trying to embrace the era of our house and I think turquoise would have been tres chique in the 60s.  Here’s what our front entrance looks like:

The decorating is very simple, green, brown and turquoise.  Tech guy and I gathered branches, mostly cedar and spruce, from the garden and used our summer planters.  We even went and stole some from Mummu’s garden.  Thank you Mummu :)

I used pinecones and grapevine balls to add in the earthy brown colour.  This basket was super easy.  I wove branches through the metal of the basket and through the ball to secure it.  I also added more of the turquoise ribbon as well.

We also put this basket in front of the electrical outlet to hide the extension cord mess.

I also made a wreath using an inexpensive grapevine wreath from Michael’s.  I simply inserted cedar branches into the spaces between the vine and a couple of pinecones.  The wreath above (resting) against the basket was made with a metal wreath form I had in our Christmas decor stash.  I also decided to keep the bows super simple everywhere.

Here’s a shot of the front of the house with the lights.

There’s our turquoise Christmas exterior.  Now onto the inside of the house :)

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