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12 Dec 2011

nutella hot chocolate for the squirrels

Originally posted November 25, 2011

I know Nutella hot chocolate isn’t anything new, but what happened after we devoured our hot chocolates was definitely blog-worthy (in my very unbiased opinion).  You’ll have to continue reading to find out what it was.  I’ll give you a hint: it has something to do with squirrels and our fave baby boy.
Anyhoo, here is the hot chocolate I made for Tech Guy and I:

This is how I made our version:
Nutella Hot Chocolate (serves 2)
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Warm two cups milk in a small saucepan.  Once milk begins to warm whisk in 2-3 heaping tbsp of Nutella.  Heat milk mixture to desired hotness.  At this point I like to whisk in a little cinnamon and a pinch of salt to give it a little salty/spicy flavour.  We garnished ours with marshmallows, but whipped cream would probably be just as tasty.
Now more importantly, my highlight of the day:
Little Pilot woke up from his nap just as Tech Guy finished off the remaining half of my cup of hot chocolate.  He liked it that much :).  Little Pilot was really interested in what his daddy was drinking so we decided to let him hold the cup.  He lurved it = I got to take a bunch of pics.
He practiced stirring.

He tasted whatever was left behind in the cup.

Then he tasted some more and made this face.  I absolutely lurve this one!

Just because I can’t get enough of my boy, here’s another tasting pic.

Little Pilot still loves those squirrels (you can read more about this love here).  So, quite naturally we had to feed some to the squirrels in the yard.

This is how we feed the squirrels (at every meal, by the way).  A spoon or cup pointed toward the closest window with Little Pilot’s lips smacking together, “num, num”.  I love his budding imaginative play.  These few minutes, after the hot chocolates were long gone, were truly satisfying for this mommy’s heart.

1 comment:

  1. Never heard of Nutella in Hot Choco... Will have to try thanks for posting this:) Love the pics, adorable little one.


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