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31 May 2016

Little Modern Farmhouse Bathroom and Workspace

I'm so happy to be able to share the bathroom and workspace of my Little Modern Farmhouse.  It's the second set of reveals for the Dollhouse Therapy challenge with my friends Cassie, Alice and Emy as well as the link up for everyone who is joining us in this dollhouse fun.

This month's rooms were quite a bit of work since I made almost everything in them myself.  I think two pieces are not DIYs of some sort!  It made for a month of a lot of work with some teeny tiny materials which was fun for the most part.  I must admit thought that I did get pretty frustrated handling little tiny pieces on those 30 C+ days when my hands felt like swollen sausages! ;)  I think it was worth the work and the frustration when I see the end result and I hope you like these spaces too.
Here is a first look at the two spaces.  The rooms are right beside one another which was kind of fun since I was able to capture both of them in one shot. :)
This overall shot of the layout of the dollhouse will hopefully give you a sense of where these rooms are before we take a closer look at each space. 
In the centre of the second floor was this small stair hall which I thought would be perfect to make into a workspace.  I continued the black railing that you may remember from the kitchen to close in the stair opening.  I'm supposed to add another set of stairs to go up to the third floor, but I haven't decided whether I will put them in this space or not. I kind of like seeing that railing.
The workspace features a mint green dipped wall to break up all the white.  I also made the trestle leg desk out of basswood which was inspired by the ones I saw in this dollhouse and this Instagram.  The desk chair was one I already had.  I just gave it a coat of grey paint.  Above the desk I printed the quote off and hung it from a mini clothespin.  I also had to include a mini version of my own DIY calendar.  The hanging light was made from an electronics component that was found in dad's toolbox along with some wooden beads.   On the desk the "pencils" were made out of toothpicks and the cup is just another wooden bead. 
This little bookshelf was a really simple diy.  I simply used some strips of basswood for the shelves and brass tubing for the rails. I had to use a little hot glue to keep the shelves from sliding down on the brass tubing.
This little bag beside the desk was made out of a pieces of wrapping paper and actually holds some little pieces of wrapping paper rolled up. :)

Now for the bathroom...
This room has so many elements in it that I really love.  I kind of wish I could just blow it up and put it in my real house. ;)
 Let's look at the vanity side of the bathroom first.  The vanity I made has a modern feel with a bit of whimsy in the form of some mint ankle socks! ;)  The counter is made from the same marble paper I used in the kitchen and the sink is just a painted box that I made from balsa and basswood.  The toilet is the same one that you saw in my bathroom plan post.  I just cut the base and back off to make a modern toilet with a hidden tank.  The mirror was another little DIY from a small round mirror and some black leather cording.  
This rug!!!  It took me way too long to make.  I had my littlest "helping" me and the string just kept getting all tangled.  I eventually ended up getting the pattern right and am in love with this little pink number.  I'm thinking of making a life-sized one for my house.
The wall-mounted faucet was a must and was super simply made from some bent brass tubing.  I just can't get enough of those mint-dipped legs on the vanity!  They echo the mint-dipped wall in the workspace next door.
On the opposite side of the room is the bathtub under a really lovely window.  This is actually a side access door that opens so that you can access the back of the room better.  The "artwork" I painted onto a piece of balsa wood one evening.  The little hanging plant might be my favourite part.  I made the wall bracket from some more balsa wood and the planter from a wooden bead and strip of gold leather.  The bench came with a lot of dollhouse furniture I already had.
I'm seriously considering this shower layout for our bathroom in our house when we decide to finally reno it.  I love how it opens up at one end and has these Muuto Dots-like hooks (actually wooden buttons from the dollar store) for towels and such.  I didn't bother hanging anything on them for these pictures since I liked the look of them just like this.   A little wooden stump serves as a spot to sit and/or put your shampoo bottles on. The brass shower head is actually part of a miniature old-fashioned telephone that was part of that same lot of dollhouse furniture I mentioned before.
So those are the mini renovations that I tackled this month!  Let me know if I missed any of the sources for anything and/or if you have any questions about anything.  

Now, I'm so excited to see what you have been up to this month.  Please share your dollhouse in the link up below.  You can share from Instagram too.
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  1. oh my goodness, anu! these spaces are absolutely amazing! i LOVE the brass shelving you created and may have to try that in my boy's room! everything looks SO good! fabulous job!!!! doing this together has been so much fun!

    1. Thank you Cassie! I feel the same way and really look forward to dollhouse reveal day. :)

  2. I love the way the rooms look together! The mint details are so pretty. Is it weird to love the toilet? It turned out really cool. I want the bathroom in real life. Those shelves are amazing!

    1. Haha! I wouldn't mind having a modern toilet like that in my real bathroom. ;) It's been so fun to try and create all these mini things.

  3. So amazing! Every detail just blows me away. I love the shot where you can see your camera lens in the mirror. You are so talented.

    1. Thanks so much Julia! It was surprisingly difficult to take a picture from that angle since the mirror is so small and whatever it reflected looked like a weird blob. ;)

  4. oh my cuteness! Every detail is just perfection.

  5. I love how you used the space in the stair hall for something actually useful! Those spaces seem to always be the most forgotten in dollhouses, and I just love yours! The two toned wall was a fab choice as well. :)

    1. Thanks so much April! It felt like there was a lot of space in the stair hall so it made sense (at least to me!) that it should serve as a room as well!

  6. You have done such an incredible job it all looks so lifelike like a real home!

  7. Absolutely stunning! Your work is so beautiful :)

  8. This is so sweet! You did such a beautiful job!

  9. This is too good! I am seriously ready to move right in. Love that rug and wooden wall painting and hanging plant!!

  10. Oh my gosh, I'm dying! This is so cute! I just decided to redo my dollhouse from the 80s and will be doing it basic for now because I want to give it to my girls for Christmas but I think this will be a new hobby!


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