12 Feb 2016

Last Minute Paper Airplane Valentines

Yesterday morning I did not have any idea what I was going to do for my oldest's class valentines.  All I had were some treats my son had picked out:  Kinder eggs and stickers.  I tried thinking of something "egg" related to make a valentine for, but I really couldn't think of anything simple enough to pull off in one day.  I ended up taking inspiration from all the paper airplanes scattered around our living room for the valentines.  I quickly drew a paper airplane on the chalkboard in our kitchen and had my little man sit in front of it for a picture.
This is the picture I went with and after I printed the cards out I felt they could use something a little extra.  I glued on a mini paper airplane over the one on the chalkboard which instantly made the card a little more fun!

In addition to photographing and making the cards, I also popped over to Michael's and grabbed some cookie bags and some cute wooden clothespins to package the treats my little guy had chosen.  I'll admit that the eggs and stickers don't have a lot to do with paper airplanes, but all these things put together are some of his very favourite.

I also thought I'd share this picture that I'm going to use for the grandparents' cards. <3

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