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1 Jan 2015

2015 Printable Calendar

Happy New Year!  I'm popping in to share this month's printable calendar and a new DIY plywood house hanger for it.  The format of the calendar is slightly different for 2015, but it's still the same size.
Now that I see these photos I took on our kitchen counter, my calendar looks a little like it's mounted on a cutting board.  Ha!  I may have to paint it or tweak it a little still.  To make my plywood house hanger, I just drew the shape onto thin plywood and had hubby cut it out with a jig saw.  I did drill the hole through which I strung a leather cord for the hanger myself though. ;)  The calendar itself was just mounted on with some rolled washi tape so that I can easily switch it out each month. 
 My desk shows a few remnants of Christmas:  a yet to bloom amaryllis and a himmeli ornament.  I desperately need some new photos or artwork on the wall, but I haven't bothered with it lately for a very good reason.  My little workspace is moving to the den!  The hubby prefers to work in the basement where the kids can't interrupt his phone calls as much and that means the den is left for me!  I'm going to be scheming up some new ideas for this space and can't wait to show you how it all unfolds!

I'm going to continue with sharing the calendars with you each month, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek of some of the designs to come.  You can download the January calendar by clicking on the photo below.  

*The calendar is for personal use only*  
pattern is adapted from this wrapping paper

Let me know what you think of the new 2015 calendar designs.  I hope you like them and find them useful!  All the best for 2015!

*Here are the links to the other calendars:


  1. I. LOVE. IT. Thank you for creating such a beautiful calendar every month!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Happy 2015!

  3. These designs are so cute! And I thought it *was* a cutting board, which seemed like a really clever idea! lol. I'd like it so much if you'd share this post with our Awesome Life Friday Link Up. http://rchreviews.blogspot.com/2015/01/awesome-life-friday-no-1.html

  4. So gorgeous!

    x Jodie

  5. Thank you so much for creating these and sharing them with us! I love having something like this that's a little bit different to display:)

  6. Es muy bonito!
    Me encantan marzo y junio

  7. These are gorgeous! And I love the hanger you made for them too! Thanks so much for sharing and hope your 2015 is off to a fabulous start!

  8. So cute and beautiful . i love it very much :)

  9. Will this work for a filofax or kikki k planner?

  10. thanks so much for sharing your calendar pdf's! I've been enjoying the January one right above my computer all month long:)

  11. Hi! Do you know if you have plans to release a February calendar? I completely understand if you don't as I'm sure your life is busy:) But if so, then I'll wait before trying to find another as I so enjoy your style:)

    1. Hi Lucinda, The February calendar was published in another post: http://www.nalleshouse.com/2015/01/february-2015-printable-calendar.html. I'll add the link to this post as well. Let me know if you are still not able to find it!

    2. Thanks so much for the link - found it and will go print it right away! Thanks so much for your help and for sharing it:)

  12. I love your choices of calendars and can’t believe they’re free. I’m so foolish haha I bought the first one I found and didn’t think about printing a better one out for myself! I may have to just make a new one so thanks for the inspiration!
    Alina x
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