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22 Dec 2014

Our Simple Christmas Decor and a Couple Last Minute DIYs

Hey there!  You may be wondering what happened to me over the past couple of weeks.  The whole family has been really sick and we are just now starting to feel a little better.  Saturday was my first day out of the house except for trips to the Doctor and pharmacy.  We managed to get our tree on Saturday and get it decorated as much as one can have a decorated tree with two curious boys!  We also got to see Little Pilot in his first Christmas concert.  He was the sheep in the nativity.  It was too cute!  

This Christmas is going to be a little more low key and very simple. We're just not well enough to get it all done in time.  I did want to pop in before Christmas to share a few photos of our home (mostly the dining room) and a couple really simple DIY decorations I made.  The first is a garland in the dining room.

The garland was really simple.  I just folded circles around a piece of twine and glued them together.  The "paper" I used for the garland was actually Oh Joy for Target gift bags.  I also added a paper star made from shiny gold card stock.  To make the star 3D, you just fold the star in half at each of the points.
The rest of the decor includes my DIY advent candle holder, some pine boughs in the DIY hanging himmeli planter and vases, giant jingle bells that I spray painted (one of them got a little gold dip) and my DIY wood veneer paper chain.

The other little DIY I made just this weekend were these origami christmas tree ornaments:
 I wanted to add a little more mint green to the Christmas tree and so I made the little tree ornaments from some scrapbook paper and the same Oh Joy for Target gift bags.  I followed a tutorial similar to this one for the trees and just turned them into ornaments by adding a string and a wooden bead.  I did take photos of the process, but wasn't able to fit them into this post.  I will try and add the tutorial later.  The trees were really quick to make, they're not perfect, but I love how cute they are!

Oh, and the picture above with the little feet was taken by littlest!  I had the tripod set up to shoot some process pics and he came and took one himself.  Oh, how I love that his toes got captured in the frame! <3

I tried to get a photo of the boys in front of the tree.  It didn't work so well.  Our Christmas tree is not perfect.  The boys decorated and undecorated it themselves.  The lights and decorations are how you see them in the photo most of the time: on the floor, drooping lights, etc.  They can't seem to keep their hands off of them or stop pulling at the lights or stop throwing their cars in there, or, or, …
I had plans to sew a tree skirt and make a tree topper this year.  They may have to go on next year's to do list.  The tree is mostly filled with DIY ornaments:  paper balls, himmelis, beaded and the origami trees.  Little Pilot still wants to make a popcorn garland just like Max and Ruby so we maybe adding that too. :)
I hope that these few days leading up to Christmas find you well and that amongst the hustle and bustle you'll find the time to focus on loved ones and the greatest Gift of all!


  1. beautiful- your home, photos, and kiddos! i love the garland! :) merry christmas, anu! wishing you and your family the best.

  2. I love that scalloped banner. That's right up my alley :) Merry Christmas to your sweet family!

  3. Just so beautiful. Everything. That shot of the tree ornament and baby toes kills me!! Your boys are too adorable! Have a very merry Christmas, Anu <3

  4. Everything's lovely, Anu....hope everyone is all the way better by Christmas!

  5. Your home looks beautiful as always, imperfect tree and all :) Have a wonderful Xmas with the family xx

  6. Glad to hear you are all on the mend! When I got to the picture of the toes--it made me smile. Little feet are so precious! Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season. Merry Christmas.

  7. Just tried to comment and it looks like it disappeared so I'm trying again ;)
    So glad you guys are feeling better. And your photos and decor are amazing again. I had to scroll over it several times. Merry merry Christmas!


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