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24 Nov 2014

DIY Beaded Advent Candle Holder

Advent is quickly approaching. One of my favourite memories of the weeks prior to Christmas was the advent candles that were lit each Sunday before Christmas.  I really wanted to make a candle holder for advent last year, but ran out of time.  I had even purchased some copper fittings and dowels to make a candle holder.  This year I made it a priority to make an advent candle holder.  Since I've used a lot of wood beads in my Christmas decor (like my ornaments from last week), it seamed fitting to make one out of beads. 

This advent candle holder was inspired by the one from Ferm Living.  With a not nearly finished basement, I couldn't justify spending the money to purchase the candle holder.  Making it myself (with the help of my hubby) was surprisingly easy as well.  I really like how simple it is and that the string of beads allows you to shape the candle holder whichever way you would like.  I had thought initially to paint some of the beads, but ended up leaving it as is and using some grey candles for a bit of "colour". I may go ahead and paint some additional beads that I can swap out to change things up.  This candle holder could really be used any time of year and would look lovely down the centre of a dining table for any holiday/celebration.

DIY Beaded Candle Holder

Four, 2 1/4" wooden doll heads (these are large round wooden balls with a flat bottom)
Four, 1 1/4" wooden beads
Nine, 1" wooden beads
Six, 3/4" wooden beads
leather cord (or desired string)
Drill or Drill Press with 5/8" flat top drill bit (or whatever size is right for your candles) and 3/8" regular drill bit - we used a drill press and used a clamp to hold the doll head steady)

How To:
1.  Drill a 1" deep hole with the 5/8" bit at the top of each doll head (to accommodate your candle)
2.  Drill another hole through the side of the doll head (slightly below the middle) all the way to the other side (this is where the cord will go through)
3.  Thread your beads and candle holders (doll heads) onto the leather cord in a pattern you like.  Tie the knots on each end to keep your string together.
4.  Insert your candles and you're done!

This is how it will look next Sunday.  I can't wait!

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  1. love this! it's beautiful! i always loved the lighting of the advent candles in church.

  2. Such a simple and pretty Christmas statement piece. I love it as usual :)

  3. Beautiful! Love how it looks on the marble and with the black Christmas tree garland!!

  4. Oh I just LOVE this Anu. So pretty. I have been thinking about my own advent wreath lately and how I can add some blondness to it. I LOVE yours!! Pinned!

  5. I love the natural wood especially for holiday decor. The use of grey candles really add something special : ]

  6. This is stunning. Just pinned, friend!

  7. Amazing amazing, always amazing. Such a unique take on an advent!

  8. Oi Anu tuo on niin ihana! Hienoa yhteistyota! Mina olen kanssa kuolannut sita Fern Living kynttilanjalkaa vaikka kuinka kauan. Kateellisena siis katselen mutta tuo on niin upea ettei tosi. Mistas meille saatais? JOULUPUKKI????? ;)

  9. love it! and sooo much cheaper than the original!!!
    i really wish we had some space for a drill press... ;)

  10. This is such a great idea, so much so that I decided I'd make it as a present for a couple of people for Christmas. Not sure if UK sizing is different but the wooden balls/beads I've ordered look a bit different! If I may, I'd suggest keeping the balls/beads more similar sizes, as the 1/2 in beads are tiny in comparison to the 2 1/4in ones.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment. I went and double checked the measurements on the actual needs and they all seem to measure a 1/4" larger?! I realize you have already made a couple and am so sorry for the inconvenience. I really appreciate that you let me know!

  11. So unique and modern! I simply adore it and you can use it amongst your decor all year long too!

  12. This is awesome! I'm planning to make my own but I notice the comment above about the size of the beads.. Did you adjust them in your post or should I order each a 1/4 inch larger? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jane,

      The measurements are correct in the post. So sorry for the confusion.

  13. Where did you get the candles? Are the bottoms 5/8"? I love the color also :)

  14. Hi! Where do you order the beads? I am having a hard time finding them :) thank you!


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