23 Apr 2014

Linoleum Kitchens

To say that over the past few months I have done a lot of research on kitchens is probably an understatement.  It seems like most days I'm trying to figure out one detail or another and my head is just spinning with all the options.  In all my research I stumbled across something I have not seen before:  linoleum door fronts.  I was instantly intrigued when I first came across a kitchen that had linoleum doors since we have Marmoleum flooring in our bathroom and we absolutely love it.  It is so easy to clean, it doesn't show dirt, most scratches heal on their own, it's all natural and it's naturally antimicrobial.  This stuff really does have a lot of pluses.  It has stood up to a lot of abuse from two adults, two small children and a large dog.  We only have one main bathroom at the moment so even Nalle uses this bathroom to have his muddy paws washed.  

Upon, a little more looking into the range of Marmoleum/linoleum products I discovered surface Marmoleum.  This is a linoleum that can be laminated for surface use.  I think back in the fifties linoleum counters were pretty popular and you may still find them in commercial applications (e.g., restaurants, workplaces, etc.).  I have been thinking of incorporating some black or dark cabinetry into my kitchen design and am highly considering linoleum for the door fronts.  One of my main concerns (and a reason for nixing the idea of going with dark cabinets altogether) with dark cabinetry is that all the spills and fingerprints show.  However, linoleum is resistant to fingerprints which makes dark cabinets an option again.  I'm definitely not brave enough to go with an all black kitchen.  It will have to have a lot of white to balance it out.

Here are a few images of linoleum kitchens:
This first kitchen has black linoleum fronts on the lower cabinets and countertops.  The light birch plywood that peeks through on the handles and countertop edge soften the dark cabinetry.

This kitchen also has linoleum doors, this time in a lighter tone.  I also had to show the dining area since it features one of my favourite Marimekko prints. :)  I have a make up bag in the same pattern and colour from several years ago and still love it.

A couple more black linoleum kitchens with light wood.

Love the hint of light wood framing the linoleum drawers in this kitchen.

I think this photo shows the really matte look of linoleum which I quite like the look of.

 I'm not sure that this last kitchen is linoleum.  The kitchen cabinets are culture by Tvis and came up in a search for linoleum cabinets, but on their website I got a little lost in translation. :)  Nonetheless it is such a pretty kitchen and, oh so, feminine.  I'm sure Tech Guy would NEVER let me go this pastel, especially since I, the lonely female in this house, am outnumbered by 4 males.  In addition, there really are so many different colours of linoleum available that you could totally do a pastel kitchen too. :)

I'm loving the idea of a linoleum kitchen.  I'm not 100% committed to it yet though.  Have you come across one or know someone with one?  I'd love to hear any feedback that might help me make up my mind. :)

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  1. Interesting idea :) I really like the look of it! xo Kristin

  2. I had no idea linolium kitchens was a thing. But I am totally digging it and it has Nalle's house all over it :)

  3. Wow, I never even knew this was an option! The cabinets are beautiful and I love the matte black finish. It's gorgeous!!

  4. I've never thought about using linoleum before (it always seem super dated) but I love this matte look! Sorry, don't have any experience on the subject...

  5. interesting! I've never seen laminate cabinets, so I'm no help there....but I can definitely envision them in your house :)

  6. I said laminate instead of linoleum, didn't I? Or did I? Anyway--I meant the thing you were actually talking about!

  7. They are so pretty but that pastel kitchen is OH SO pretty! Can't stop looking at it!


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