25 Mar 2014

DIY Cloud Night Light

Today I'm sharing a simple DIY for a cloud night light.  Little Pilot likes to fall asleep with a light on and he was excited when I showed him this one.  He says that he can't see the crocodiles if it's dark.  He doesn't seem to understand that there are no crocodiles here in Canada. :)  

I'm planning on keeping the light over Little Pilot's bed.  Now you also get a little sneak peek at this side of the room which is still in progress.  I still need to get some art work and find some new bedding.  The bedding is a bit of a mismatch right now.  I would love to get a couple different sets that are not the same, but have complementary colours.
I used washi tape to hang the night light on the wall for now.  This way I get to try it out in this spot for awhile to make sure it's just right before putting a nail in the wall.  since Little Pilot shares his room with his 17 month-old brother, I have to make sure that it is out of his reach.

For the sake of the photos I let the cord hang down, but for everyday use I will keep the cord and control switch up on the picture ledge so that I don't have to worry about Co-pilot playing with it/pulling it down.

DIY Cloud Night Light How To:

To make my cloud night light.  I used some wire and a string of microdot/fairy christmas lights.  I purchased mine at the Bay during Christmas time.  You may recognize them from this post.  I used about 6 feet of wire doubled up to make my cloud frame.  To get my length I quickly bent a cloud the size I wanted from a single piece of wire and then doubled that length up to make it stronger.   I then just started wrapping my lights around the wire (I went around two times).  If you are concerned with the silver colour of the wire showing through, you could always spray paint your wire first, but with wrapping the whole cloud twice with the gold lights the silver that was showing was really minimal.  Make sure to leave enough cord so that your little controller will reach a spot to rest on.   You could also use regular twinkle lights for this and just plug them into an outlet.  (*please remember that cords can be a strangulation hazard for small children. Use wise judgement with the placement of your light).

Here's an attempt at taking a picture of the cloud night light in the dark.  It really does create a fun little dotted shape when lit in a dark room.

Here's Little Pilot admiring the new cloud night light. :) 

This night light could really be made into any shape you want such as a star, heart, flower, etc.  I really like that it still looks cute hanging on the wall when not in use.  Happy night light making friends!


  1. This is so adorable! Really do love it and your photos are always the best.

  2. Love it! I think I'll try to make one to each of my nieces and nephews :) Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. I adore it! So creative and fun but simple and easy :)

  4. That is really really cute! Good job! I also love the airplane under his bed. A kid after my own heart. :) I can't remember if I ever told you or not, but I have my pilot's license. Aviation is my biggest passion!

  5. What a great light. I love your cloud shape a lot!!

  6. This is such a sweet idea! I need to figure out some sorta night light for the little one's room, too.

  7. Ihana idea! I'm sure Little Pilot is thrilled! I would be. :D

  8. This is just adorable! I love it sooo much!

  9. I love this! I need to get my hands on some of those fairy lights.

  10. I'm so in love...that is the cutest idea, EVER!!

  11. I love the picture of little pilot looking at his light. Adorable.

    Such a fun, kid-friendly project. So cute!

  12. Such a cute idea!! Wondering what shape night light my little boy would like... :)
    - Lora

  13. so adorable! What a great night light too :) xo Kristin

  14. Oh, that's so cute! Much better than any night light you could buy :). Excited to see the finished room soon!

  15. This is a super cute diy I found your diy in the boho deco chic blog and just need to take a look! Fabulous blog

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you found my blog. :)

  16. This such a great idea and doubles as a sweet decoration. I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post on 4/2 on www.simply-creative-living.com if you don't mind.

  17. This is such a great idea and I love how it doubles as a sweet decoration for the kid's room. I just wanted to let you know that I will be linking to this post on 4/2 on www.simply-creative-living.com if you don't mind.

  18. So pretty and simple and fun. Perfect!


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