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28 Nov 2013

Preschooler Christmas Wish List

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends stateside.  Up here in Canada it is a regular old Thursday, but in recent years the retailers here have adopted Black Friday.  So to get you in the Christmas shopping mood I have made a wish list for my preschooler.  Little Pilot still very much loves airplanes, but what I love most about his play now is his imagination.  These are some items that I think he will love and will hopefully spur his imagination too.  They include a few practical items, Christmas-specific items and toys that I think would be a hit. 

1.  Wooden Camera with Interchangeable Lens:  Little Pilot loves to play with my tripod and pretend to take pictures.  I think he would love to have a camera of his own. :)

2.  Black Bear Stripe Pajama:  A set of pjs are a must Christmas gift.  We love Hatley pjs at Nalle's House and I'm really liking the black and white stripes with the little bear.

3.  Aarikka Tonttu/Elf:  I love the Finnish Aarikka tontut/elves.  I really want to expose my boys to as many Finnish things as possible since they are growing up here in Canada with limited exposure to Finnish culture.  They're really cute too. :)

4.  Nativity Set:  I always loved Playmobil as a child and Little Pilot loves telling the real Christmas Story so I would love to get this nativity set for him.  The pieces are a little small so I'd have to be careful that it is not within reach of his baby brother.

5. Fjall Raven Backpack: Little Pilot asked me for an orange back pack.  I love the Fjall Raven backpacks and this was the closest colour to orange (it's called brick).

6.  Moomin Cutlery:  The boys both need some cutlery and dishes.  I love these Moomin cutlery from Hackman.

7.  Brio Monorail Airport Set:  This set is a no-brainer.  It has an airplane and a train - a preschooler's dream!

8.  Gran Sweater:  I love this sweater from Fine Little Day.  I think it goes well with our paper tree garlands and Little Pilot would probably like that he has Christmas trees allover his sweater.

9.  Ostheimer Wooden Animals:  These animals are so lovely.  I would love to order some for both boys to share and maybe make a diorama for them to play with.

So those are a few things I think would be a hit with my little guy.  I hope you enjoyed them!


  1. I love all of these ideas. I've never heard of Hatley before (clearly living under a rock!), but I am off to check it out because those pjs look so nice! And that camera is adorable. I was thinking of buying my daughter one and had been eyeing the wooden one in the Clickin Moms store, but it doesn't have a lens...but does have a strap, which I like.

  2. oh my--that wooden camera is fabulous! I'm excited to have a little kid to shop for again :)

  3. That sweater and the wooden camera are so cool! Love!

  4. Great selection! Several things I would love to get for my girls. I also have a challenge for you in my blog! :)

  5. hi anu :) i would so love that jammy for lucy as well! (and in my size, please?!)

    this is where i got the wooden fox for your boys: http://www.avasappletree.ca/wooden-animals-figures/
    (let me know if you'd like to me to pick some deer up in time for christmas stockings!)

    lucy loves her muumi cutlery ♥ she received this exact set as a gift from my aunt and uncle when she was born... then some other additions since then - they'll be a great heirloom

  6. and how about this adorable option for an orange backpack: http://shop.herschelsupply.com/collections/kids-collection/products/heritage-backpack-kids-chevron-butterscotch

    (it's just so cute how much he likes orange... brings back memories of when a certain big brother only wanted orange, orange, orange!)

  7. That camera is awesome! Interchangeable lens…how genius!


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