13 Aug 2013


We just got back from a trip across the border which, for those of us living in Toronto, means the Buffalo area.  We were going to visit my great aunt who turned 90 this year.  She lives in a small town south of Buffalo.  We often just hit the outlet malls while we're there, but since having kids we have tried to find some other fun things to do and see.  I thought I would split our trip into three posts highlighting the activities that were a hit with our little ones.  First off was Olcott Beach Carousel Park.
This is a fantastic little amusement park on Lake Ontario with vintage rides.  The best part is that all rides are just 25 cents!  We bought 8 tickets = $2 which was plenty for Little Pilot.

His favourite ride was the "Skyfighter".  It was the ride that resembled an airplane the most and he got to go up in the air.  He rode it twice. :)

They also had a kiddie-sized ferris wheel and I was so surprised that he went on it all by himself.  It will be nice when Co-pilot gets old enough to join him on the rides.

Co-pilot did get to ride the carousel though.  It had some baby horses (ponies?) just the right size!

There was also a boat and a car ride.  Little Pilot wanted to ride the police car.   This is one of my favourite shots with Little Pilot's reflection on the car. :)

Co-pilot had a blast watching all the excitement.  He's started doing this crinkly nose smile lately. :)  Little Pilot's riding a rocket in the background.

He was also happy just to check out the screws on a bench. :)

Both boys got to ride the boat in the picnic/ice cream area.

This is Little Pilot showing how much fun he had with his arms!

Here's a group shot.  Of course, we remembered to take right before we left so neither boy was interested in getting their picture taken.  At least we took one this time!

That was our trip to Olcott Beach Carousel Park.  So much fun!  
Stay tuned for a couple of other places we visited!


  1. Lovely pictures of the boys. Looks like you had lovely time!

  2. Love your blog. I cannot get over how amazing your dinning room is. Your boys are just adorable. We just moved to Buffalo, Olcott Beach park will definitely be on my weekend list. I can't wait to visit Canada.

    1. Thanks so much Lucy! We had a lot of fun at Olcott Beach Park. You should definitely visit Toronto too! :)


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