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17 Feb 2012

true love

This week's Project52 photo is "true love".  I took some spontaneous pictures of my little lovebirds this week.  
I love this photo even though Little Pilot isn't perfectly in focus (maybe if I knew a little more about photoshop I could have fixed that a bit) and that there is the chaos that is our front entrance in the background.  Little Pilot loves to give Nalle kisses (you can see another photo here).  I love how he pulled Nalle's snout right in for this photo and that Nalle is closing his eyes as if he is actually enjoying the attention (he's actually just being indifferent and putting up with Little Pilot) :).  What a good dog!

And because I can't share just one photo of my babies here are a few more.  

Little Pilot and Nalle hanging out on the living room carpet and enjoying one another's company.

Little Pilot is always climbing on Nalle and this is how Nalle usually reacts.  He really does lie there like a rug.

Nalle is also Little Pilot's protector.  Little Pilot is afraid of the vacuum yet fascinated by it at the same time.  He is constantly asking me to vacuum (which I do quite often with a dog that sheds constantly), but he gets anxious once I turn it on.  Here is where Nalle helps out.  I place Little Pilot on the sofa with Nalle and tell him to hold onto Nalle and he's good.  Little Pilot does not let go until the vacuum is safely stored away in the broom closet. 

I am so happy that through Little Pilot I have learned so much more about the love parents have for their children.  I feel so blessed to have Little Pilot and to have been raised by my loving parents who have taught me the one and only "true love".   True love that was demonstrated by God through his gift of his one and only Son, Jesus.  I pray that I too will be able to teach Little Pilot about this "true love" and for him to experience that love to the fullest in his life.


  1. Nothing better than a boy and his dog. I love the FORCED kiss in #1, hysterical! And the vacuum story is great. His look is exactly fear mixed with fascination and his little hand gripping Nalle's leg is precious. SO cute.

  2. How cute is that. My dog attacks the vacuum.


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