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13 Dec 2011

what do you mean I can't eat my Christmas decorations?

Originally posted:  December 5, 2011

This past weekend we worked on decorating Little Pilot’s Christmas tree.  Tech Guy and I bought Little Pilot his own tree last year.  I don’t think Little Pilot had any clue as to what it was back then, but the excitement of being new parents made us buy one for him anyway.  This year is a different story though.  I can’t believe how much fun we’ve all had with it already.  Little Pilot has been an excellent helper.  We started our decorating with the lights:

It was way more fun once we turned the lights on:

 Little Pilot had to try if they tasted as good as his mommy’s baking!

Then we moved onto the ornaments.  I made them out of yarn in all the colours of Little Pilot’s room (blues, turquoise, browns).  Of course, Little Pilot had to taste them as well :) .

 At this point, the tasting got a little destructive and I took away the yarn ball ornament.  Someone was not happy:

I’m sorry Little Pilot.  I was just trying to make sure that your ornaments last at least until Christmas (maybe a hopeless case :) ).

Here are some pictures of the tree for the brief seconds that it was intact.  I think I’ve put the decorations up at least a dozen times and caught it in mid fall just as many times :). 

Here is Little Pilot with his tree (dismantling it as per usual).  I think he likes it!

That was our Christmas tree decorating/light eating/ornament eating weekend!  I hope you had just as much fun.

We’ve also been working on decorating the rest of Little Pilot’s room.  Here is a sneak peek of the Christmas tree side of his room.  I’ll be back with a tour of Little Pilot’s nursery soon!

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