10 Dec 2011

Little Pilot's first birthday

Originally posted:  October 30, 2011

Little pilot absolutely loves airplanes.  Well before he said his first word, “bye-bye”, he was gesturing and making the sound for airplane.  I guess this wasn’t too surprising since his grandpa, Pappa, was a pilot and has been showing him everything airplane related since day one.  I think the first toy he brought over for Little Pilot was a plastic British Airways plane.  I definitely won’t be surprised if some of Little Pilot’s first words will include “Mustang” or “Spitfire”.  So you can see that, quite naturally, an airplane-themed birthday party was born.
Here is Little Pilot on his birthday with his first cupcake.  I love the face in the last picture.  Wow-wee that’s a lot of sugar!

We had airplanes,  paper airplane garlands, airplane confetti and balloons as decorations.  The colours we chose were red white and blue (the colours of many of Little Pilot’s airplanes).

We also served some yummy food and bday sweets.  We had a variety of finger foods:  homemade margarita pizza, raspberry chicken salad in mini pitas, salmon sandwiches, karjalan pirakkas, veggies with dip and chips.  We also had some fun airplane themed sweets:  airplane-shaped sugar cookies, cupcakes with airplane picks, strawberries and cream cake with an airplane made from strawberries.  We also had some non-airplane treats:  blueberry ice-cream sandwiches, fruit kabobs and Finnish chocolate candies.

Pin the propeller on the airplane and a piñata were fun games for the little ones.  The piñata was a last minute effort and probably could have turned out a little better.  It had a latch at the bottom that opened up to spill out the contents (no need for dangerous batting devices : )

We deemed the party a success over here at Nalle’s House and most importantly Little Pilot had a lot of fun!

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