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15 Dec 2015

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Tree Skirt

Today, I am so happy to be sharing a super simple DIY Scandinavian Christmas tree skirt featuring some beautiful Marimekko fabric from FinnStyle.  Making a tree skirt was on the top of my Christmas DIY to do list.  I love the Scandinavian style of tree skirt where the skirt is more like a little carpet that sits under the tree stand/basket. 

When browsing Finnstyle's selection of Marimekko fabrics I instantly knew that the Kanteleen Kutsu fabric would be perfect for my boys' wooden dowel Christmas tree.  I think all the forest animals in this fabric are perfect for children, but it is still sophisticated enough to be used in an adult space as well.  I also chose this fabric since it is an upholstery weight which made this sewing project a snap since the fabric didn't require any additional reinforcement (e.g., inter-facing).  I used some mint green bias tape to finish the edges of my Christmas tree skirt to tie in with all the soft colours I've been using in my Christmas decor this year.  I really love how the tree skirt turned out and am trying to think of a way to keep it out all year long in our home.  

A little further down in this post you'll find the how to.  I made the skirt for this tree to be a little smaller in proportion with the tree, but I do also provide tips on how to make a larger tree skirt.


A)  100 cm to 150 cm of heavy weight fabric or lighter weight fabric plus an equal amount of interfacing.  The skirt pictured here is just under 90 cm, but you can make your skirt as wide as your fabric allows (i.e., if your fabric is 145 cm wide then you will be able to make a skirt that is 145 cm in diameter).

B)  double fold bias tape - use the diameter x pi calculation to determine how much bias tape you will need

C) coordinating thread

How To:
1)  Cut out a circle from your fabric to the size you have selected.  I used our living room coffee table to trace a circle on the back of the fabric to cut out my tree skirt. :) However, you can make your own compass by attaching a pencil to a string that is the length of the radius of the tree skirt(circle).   Just place the string in the centre of the fabric and pull it taut and pivot around creating a circle.

2)  Zig zag or serge around the edge of your circle to prevent fraying

3)  Attach the double fold bias tape by opening up one of the folds and with right sides of the fabric and bias tape together stitch the tape into place following the crease from the fold in the bias tape.

4)  Turn the rest of the bias tape over to the back of the fabric enclosing the raw edge of the tree skirt. Once the tape is turned over and secured in place stitch close to the inner edge of the bias tape on the right side of the fabric catching the back side of the tape that you folded over.

That's my super simple DIY Christmas tree skirt.  It's no secret that I am a fan of Marimekko and I am so thankful to Finnstyle for providing this beautiful fabric for this project.  I know that we will continue to us this Scandinavian Christmas Tree Skirt for years to come!

Finnstyle also has some really fabulous offers going on over the next couple of weeks if you are still looking for a gift to give someone this Christmas.  I know I would love just about anything from their online store!

December 14-16:  For every $100 spent at FinnStyle.com, you will receive a set of two Iittala Ultima Thule salad plates
December 19:  Marimekko End of Season Sale begins.


  1. I love how your tree matches the colours in your home, so classic and beautiful :)

  2. I made this Christmas tree after seeing yours last year. We're using it as our Advent tree and my kiddos love it. Also, this past summer I covered one whole wall in my 6 year old's bedroom with this Marimekko fabric!! She (and I!) LOVE it. It looks great under your Scandi tree :-)

    Leigh Anne

    1. Oh, I'm glad you liked the tree and a whole wall in this fabric would be absolutely beautiful!


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