4 Nov 2015

DIY Wooden Wall Hanging

I think I may have an obsession with wall hangings!  I have another wall hanging to share with you today and I think you'll be surprised to find out what I used to make it.  It's also a project that is really simple and quick to make which would make it perfect to make for someone for Christmas.  Is it too early to bring up Christmas?

If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you probably already know that I really love natural wood and pastel colours in my decor.  This little wall hanging definitely has both of those.  I originally made it for my fall home tour and I was hoping that my little "artwork" would look like an abstract take on some feathers or a bird's wing.  I'm not sure if I succeeded, but I think it turned out kind of cute. :)

 I chose to use white and a minty green sparingly in my wall hanging to create little pops of colour. The top part of the hanging is made from a scrap of grey wool felt.  Actual wool felt is so much nicer if you are able to source it.  For those of you that live in the Toronto area, you can buy wool felt scraps from The Felt Store by the pound for a reasonable price.  

These are what I used to make the body of the wall hanging.  They're really big craft sticks (like the popsicle sticks kids use to spread white glue).  I found them in the kids craft section at Michaels.  They also had a smaller size which would be great to make a mini version of this wall hanging.

I didn't take photos while I was making this wall hanging in the middle of the night, but took some photos after the fact and I think you'll still be able to get the idea of how to put the wall hanging together.   Here's the how to:



34 large wood craft sticks (I found mine at Michaels)
craft paint in a couple of colours
Wool felt approximately " x "
Wooden dowel 
Hot Glue
Utility knife

How To:

1)  Paint a few craft sticks in the colours you have chosen.

2)  Use an utility knife and straight edge to cut two craft sticks in half lengthwise.  You will need these pieces on the edges of the hanging (you can see a close up of the half pieces in the photo above).

3)  Roughly layout all the craft sticks in the shape of the wall hanging to determine where you would like your painted sticks to be.  (you can use the picture of my completed project as a guide if you would like).  When you go to layout the pieces you will start at the bottom and work up (i.e., start with two craft sticks and then lay three on top and then four, etc.)  You'll want to stagger the pieces so that you end up with the scalloped pattern.
4)  Once you've figured out your pattern, you are ready to begin gluing all the craft sticks together.  You'll have to carefully move each row out of the way as you work from the bottom up to attach the rows one on top of the other.  I used a ruler as a guide for the placement of each craft stick (there is about a 2" reveal of the bottom of each craft stick - see photo above).  Once you've set up your guide, glue the backside of the three sticks that will lay on top of the first row (two initial sticks) to attach them, then glue the backside of the four pieces that will lay on top of the three you just attached, then glue five pieces on top of the four, etc.  When you get to the widest portion (5 pieces wide in my wall hanging), you will start incorporating the half pieces into every other row to keep the pattern going
5)  Sew a pocket at the top of the felt for the dowel to slip through.  If you don't want to sew you could always glue the felt directly to the dowel.

6)  Glue the bottom of the felt square to your craft stick assembly the same way you did when putting the craft sticks together.  To help get the felt straight, I drew a line a 2" from the bottom of the top row of craft sticks to use as a guide.  

7)  Insert the dowel into the pocket you made in step 5 and attach a string to either end of the dowel for a hanger.

I hope you like this little DIY.  I had fun coming up with a project from some pretty simple materials.


  1. i love this take on a wall hanging! so unique!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm pretty happy with it. :)

  3. Beautiful as always! I've never seen craft sticks that large! Such an awesome way to use them!

    1. I didn't know either! I actually had this idea in mind before I found the craft sticks. I was worried that I would be cutting pieces of wood veneer forever. Thank goodness I found these and saved myself a bunch of time. :)

  4. This is so beautiful! I love the mint green touch!

    1. Thanks Ama! I'm quite smitten with the colour too. :)


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