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30 Nov 2015

DIY Paper Star Ornaments

Over the weekend I have been a Christmas crafting and decorating machine.  What happened was that late Friday night I realized that I'm signed up for the Canadian Bloggers Christmas Home Tour (I'm up on Wednesday).  I had just started putting up some decorations on our mantel, but that was it!  To say that the weekend ended up being a bit of a Christmas decorating and photographing scramble would be an understatement. 

Some of the decorating included making some paper star ornaments.  I posted a pic of my stars on Instagram and had lots of comments on them including some requests for a tutorial.  So today I'm here with the how to.  I first saw these ornaments on my insta friend's feed last Christmas and knew that they were something I'd love to make this year.  They ended up being one of the simplest and fastest ornaments I've made.  Once I started making these I quickly ended up with a huge pile of paper stars.  I made a few different coloured stars since I'm going for a more colourful Christmas tree this year for the boys.  They're always asking me for more colour so I'm trying my best.  
In the picture above you get a little sneak peek at what's to come in my home tour on Wednesday.  We haven't gone to cut down our tree yet, but this little Charlie Brown tree is standing in for now.  Read on for the how to for my paper star ornaments.



cardstock/heavyweight paper,
hot glue,
wooden beads (optional)

How To

1)  Cut out two of the triangle shapes from the template
2)  For each triangle shape fold the shape in half at each point keeping the right side facing out each time (3 folds total)
3) You will end up with two triangle shapes that look a little like pyramids
4)  Join the two triangles together.  *Take note of the notches in the centre of each side of the triangle.  You will use these notches to hold the two triangles together to form the star.*  With wrong sides facing together, pinch the point of one triangle together and place it between the centre notch of the other triangle.  Repeat this for each point on the triangle.  The notches on each of the triangles will hold the star together.  
5)  Take some twine/string and make a loop.  Attach the loop to one tip of the star using hot glue.
6)  If desired, thread a bead onto the loop for a finishing touch.

I hope you like these stars as much as I do.  

Don't forget about the Canadian Bloggers Christmas Home Tours that start today!  Below you'll find the schedule and don't forget to come back each day to see a new set of home tours from Monday to Thursday this week.  


  1. Those stars are beautiful you are so clever! I was a decorating machine this weekend as well and I love how festive the house is looking :)

    1. Thank you Michelle! Can't wait to see your Christmas decor!


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