23 Jul 2015

Our New Sofa

It's about time that I share which sofa we ended up getting for our living room.  It's only been a few months now.  Time really seems to be escaping from me and I'm sad to say that I haven't taken out my camera to take any interior photos in a long while.  The sofa we ended up with is the Muuto Rest and we love it!  It has a wonderful firm, but comfortable feel.   I love how it fits across our bow window perfectly.  I'm also including a few additional photos of our living room as it is right now.  It's still very much a work in progress, but I think I finally got the sofa right. 
 Some of the pieces in here may be temporary as we start to decorate our basement.  I found the Eames rocker and coffee table as well as the Bertoia Diamond Chair on Craigslist in the spring and purchased them knowing that I would need some furniture for the basement.  I am hoping for a larger lounge chair by the fireplace and have been eyeing a couple already!

Other changes to the space include a new fireplace surround that we had cut from the kitchen counter slabs and some artwork.  I'm working on adding more layers to this place and already have some DIY ideas for art and accessories.  As much as I love bare floors, I think we need a rug to break up all this red oak flooring.  Finding the perfect rug, on the other hand, is proving to be quite the challenge at the moment.

So that's what our living room looks like for a split second before the boys come through here and toss the pillows on the floor and pullout all their toys from the cupboards. ;)

Here are some of the sources in case you're interested:

Sofa: Muuto (via TORP)
Rocker:  Eames for Herman Miller (craigslist)
Large coffee table: Eames for Herman Miller (craigslist)
Small black coffee table: andtradition
Diamond Chair:  Bertoia for Knoll (craigslist)
Pouf:  HomeSense
Art beside fireplace:  ElroyInk


  1. That couch looks so comfortable! I'd love to get a new one for our living room. I love the shape of ours but the fabric is terrible.

  2. The entire room is stunning and I love every bit of it!

  3. ooh--it looks so comfy! and perfect in your space :)

  4. Looks great! I think it's just the right combo of modern, tailored and comfy looking. And I enjoy the new artwork, too!

  5. we just moved across the country and our furniture hasn't arrived yet, so my whole family is dying to sit on something soft...and your sofa looks so comfortable! I love it's color as well. and, after reading through your source list I can see that you are amazing at finding amazing pieces of furniture on craigslist..an amazing talent to have!


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